Lyrics: Kunnel Dtag – Inna Me Bedroom

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Ya man,hahaha
Ayo batti gyal
Ya know say me nah care bout wah yuh boiy friend say you nuh,cos it’s ah batti world
You don nuh

Me lyk how you wine ya waist 2*
Up and down inna me bed room 2*
Me luv how you style again 2*
Up and down inna me bed room 2*

I man no waist one time,i man wan take up me shine
I man gone tell ya me mind,do anyhow like the world is mine
Bad man me now tell ah bad gyal wine
Down to da spine,hips don’t lie
One of ah kind,come be my groppie love cos dem say love is blind


As ah bad man me give it to her until she comes
She ah nice buh she luv bubble gums
Close your eyes surpprize every time you with me
Together we gon take it fih the early morning
Me not single here and she know
She so incredible makes me want more
So me hold her back straight up fih the door
Now she drop her big batti down fih the floor


All of dem rude bois luv batti
All of dem batti gyals luv kaki
All of dem rude bois luv batti
All of dem batt‎I gyals dem luv kaki
Living la vida local
Me wan fih roll up me paper
Me wan fih blaze up me reefer
Drink anyhow no coke no fanta coz

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  • nice one Kunnel….

    larrykush November 2, 2015 6:22 am

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