Lyrics: L-J – Holy ft. Wondaboy

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And they be like ‘you’re saaaviour right?”
“oh’re my favourite”..
And i be like i know you need a favour right?
You wanna make me close,you be tailor right?

Chicks calling me dear so i’m getting more doe
You aint family why hollering yo bro
Remember the days wey dem bin say me i no blow…no promo
Ground no bin level was so hollow

Funny world..there’s lot’a comedians
Lot of critics wey no know how we dey get the jamz
Linda ikeji’s blog i never get the chance
Punchlines and my fans still connect the yans

Dis is a moment of clarity, i aint jayru
But e ma form farmiliarity..
This aint a movie dog,it’s reality
Actually, where my hommie nico gravity

What you asking me questionaire
You already know the best in here
See the rest dey cheer
Who no come no go know,
Who no hot infact,na who no burn no go blow!!

Some go dey do like say na them holy pass..
Because some of them no dey smoke the bazz..
Some go dey do like say na them no book pass..
And if you ask around, na them dey judge you pass..
Ori ojori…ori ojori (4x)

[Verse 2]
And they be like ‘you’re saaaviour right”
“oh yea you’re my favourite”
Me i dey laff..i know you nid a favour right
You wanna make me close,you be tailor right?

Remember the night zulu and i formed a tag team
Oga came, we got them all reacting
Now i got money in my bank vault relaxing
I leave tosin adeda, let the boy be yapping

What’s wrong with shackin as we burning we stacking
You know what tat means, yeah we ball like asharvin
What is not your headache, you gulp may aspirin?
Now that’s the thing..but i gotta win

Take the log out’a your eyes
Before you try to take spec out of mine
It’s hip hip and if you check that my rhyme
I didnt say i’mma burst you if you get out’a line

Pack of oris, coke and benylin..
Please, lord forgive me for all ma many sins
At the end for sure he gon’ let me in
God still loves me even though i aint benny hinn!!


I no holy pass, made a lot of mistake in my life..every disappointment is a blessing, that i know..and what don’t kill a man make a man stronger and all of that..yeah

Shout out to all the bloggers meeen,
Shout out to all the dj, all the oaps, shout out to everybody that made me come this far..dt and all of that..afrokraft and all of that…wondaboy watitdo?!! #saaaviour thanks!!

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