Lyrics: Laleo Da Rapbeast – Orne Karsha

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What is it?
Is Laleo, Declays media

Verse 1
We started it together, now am leading in de league, so they wanna envy me
Giving them less attention, that will be the best the best solution.
I feel all is well, marrying my joy with sorrows, am feeling myself now, I worry less about tomorrow
Thanks to ma parents, for bringing up well
I see the rain falling, so am dancing in the rain, I learnt it from 2Face
This is ma time to shine, and no body can stop me
Tell me why the hatred, why should I be persecuted
Life is a journey
I have taken ma own direction, please don’t bring me confusion
Where come the troubles, am just doing what I like
Why must you dislike me, and even try to hate me
U do your own, I do my own,
U hate my style, avoid my way,
See no be by force
Don’t let me show you my worst

Give me another chance, I wanna grow up ones again
Let me pick the shoes that I know will size my leg
Or ne karsha, nangbenda mo mkar [x3]

Rap verse 2
My silence speak for me, so I no d take offence when they talk against me
Shunning the Pharisees, that’s what am doing now
Many fight themselves thinking they fighting for God
Some say I have lost the truth, then I ask them what is truth,
Forget these ones talking, me d call them noise makers, u know their heaven, my hell
My greatest knowledge is the fact that I don’t know it all
Give me another chance, let me grow up ones again, now am fit for the game
Presumptions in your mind, so predicting me wrong
Delete your expectations, then you won’t be disappointed, I am not the type you think
Not every wedding man will put on a wedding ring
Nothing d happen, but make u step in ma zone, else I will bring out my sword
U do your own, I do my own,
U hate my style, avoid my way,
See no be by force
Don’t let me show you my worst


Out tro
Ter ushahemba, is your boy Laleo a.k.a, Rap Beast, kiss and am out

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