Lyrics: Lee V – Follow Go ft. Bangin

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My, My
Every time she steps in the place they be looking like she’s so
Fly, Aii
See Dem dey fall to the floor like say dem about to
Baby, are Ɣou alright? Ɣou looking like say Ɣou high
I can tell by the look in your eyes, your eyes
Is it The Belve D, Moet?
But he’s Like ”Baby, I’m Okay”
He says I make A Nigga wanna pop like gunshots
Three Gbosas in the air- No, Nonstop
Now, That’s Hot – Paris
He said ”I don’t wanna branch” – Parish
He said I’m His Number One
He got his thumbs up like ’Carry On”

Say my name, Say my name – ExCentrix
He said I got him feeling things electric
Yee, O ma Shock E gan
Ɣou say Ɣou got doe, o ma cost E gan
But I ain’t for sale – Oligbese
Ɣou say don’t mind if Ɣou carry gbese
Gbemi sori bi Gele, Lee V no be Sere
Said I got u hooked – Fisherman
But I ain’t come here to fish for men
But she says Ɣou look good, she could kiss Ɣou, man
But don’t do well, she will diss Ɣou, man
Now is this your man, Girl
Better put a Leash on the man, Girl
Ɣou looking like Miss Japan, girl
Up against miss World…
(That’s how it is, yo!).

Verse 3 (Bangin)
Give me a chance to show you say I care!
Been looking somewhere else, but my heart tell me say na here!
Tetan ko, iwo lokan mi nba sun baji!
E no go easy toba sope kin fashi!
With you I know I will be fine!
Promise to stay, never deny!
I won’t give up, babe mi!
With you I know I will be fine!
Promise to stay, never deny!
I won’t give up on you! Babe mi
Only you i go dey follow.

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  • nice song, good lyric

    kemi December 9, 2012 10:35 am

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