Lyrics: LekeLee – HND ft. Tpops

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I came into Lagos on a late bus / Tears drop theyfeared us cos they hate us / Next plan was a braintouch to erase thought / first class in a rolls Roycethey embrace us /

My first song was written on a plain shit / no studio just my laptop I couldn’t pay bills / my friends knew I invest more on the best shoes / seeing is believing ,but the blind man got the clear views /

Made all my hit songs in the bathroom / Don’t test me am kit up in a lab suit / food for thought all we needed was a nice soup / I gat goals have been balling from the grass root /

My bars ready , am working on the cell room /
married to the game am feeling like am the best groom / everyday we flex goons and we blessed too / out of this world tell the Dj am in Neptune /

5 years still underground like a fuel pipe / so many cunny ass ready to bite like a reptile / cooperate killers all suited in a red tie / all I had was a vision , am fetty WAP with the left eye /

[Leke Lee]

You see this life wo o easy gan / Bope boya wo warenikan / Warenikan tode foju jo
Ma gbe okan le anybody wo banu so /

Fese sha lati ketu de bariga / Stick to the hustle mio le se my nigga /

Me I dey calm down me I dey calm down / I know say one day the thing go smooth / ewa tati gbekana lati joi oti sure pe one day the food go done/

The food go done yeah the food go done/ Awon kan ngbadura make the food go burn/
Ko po my nigga e no go happen/ mio kin shey adam wo mio de ni je apple/

Eyin temi how far how e dey happen/ ema lo go ewo make your eyes shappen/

Fese sha ninu street won ni kini mon wa kiri gan / mosope ko fimile pe very soon moma make e / I swear down I swear down the boy dey come now / efarabale kema peep mi lati conner /

Toba ti to time toba ti to oti to niyen / toba ti make eh wonma fe bae pin ninu glory eh / Ata won tomo ati awon tomo pa nu story eh / This life is Funny but maje ki ile aiye bovi eh

You see this life is funny / You see this life is funny / Dem dey promise dem go help you / bi won lere shey to toni /

You see this life is funny / You see this life is funny / Some people dey promise dem go help their way dey so cunny hi, brother hope never dies.

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