Lyrics: Lekham – Omo Dudu (Black Girl)

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titles=Lekham-Omo dudu (Black Girl)]



Eh eh Is your boy Lekham.

Omo Pupa, Sesho on the Beat.


Omo Dudu ni mo fe

Omo Pupa lo n ko letter oh

Omo dudu nimo fe

Omo pupa lo n pe number oh

Baby girl why oh

Baby I no do oh

Baby girl why oh x2

Sisi I no do oh

Baby girl why oh

Aponbepore I no do oh.


Because of Omo pupa.

I change my number oh.

Because of Omo pupa.

Moni I change my mail oh.

After some days naso she come dey call me oh.

She come tell me say,

She dey feel my style oh.

Dem plenty for my hood.

Dem even surrond my house oh.

I will migrate from single.

Me and you go turn to double.

You think am sounding doubtful.

Let’s start to begin mingle.

Baby let’s stick like a glue.

Omo let stick like a glue.


Am the most wanted.

In the street na me they wanted.

Na me omo pupa wanted.

Me myself I no like them.

I no even try to they woo them.

Talkless of I go hook them.

Omo dudu je a re le eh.

Omo pupa ma wa be eh.

You think say I dey play.

This one no be sere sere.

Na Sesho on the beat eh.

Lekham on the mic eh.

Om pupa ma wa be eh.

Omo dudu je a sere.

Moet henessy champagne.

Mix all of una kafi shaye eh.


Aponbepo re eh.

I no do oh

Wa ba mi jo oh.

I no do oh.

Omo dudu ni mo fe eh.

I no do oh.

Omo dudu ni mo fe eh.

Omo wa ba mi jo.

Wa ba mi jo oh.

Baby wa ba mi jo.

You see this girl.

I dey love her oh.

I dey love her oh.

The way she they shake her barca oh.

Omo dudu uh.

Omo pupa eh.


Is your boy Lekham menh.

Is about that time.

Am out, guys I see you.

Beware of them girls.

I see you Anis.

I see you assorted baby.

I see you Gomah, Arnold.

I see Everybody menh.

Am out,am out.

Sesho on the beat.

Lekham on the mic.

Peace out.

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Birth Name: Oloro Hammed Abiodun OlalekanBirthday: 04 April, 1989.Stage Name: LekhamHeight 5' 4" (1.20 m)Mini Biography: Lekham which his stage name was derived from his name (LEKAN + HAMMED) was born in the City of Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State, South-West Region of Nigeria on April 4, 1989. He has three sisters and he is the only Son in the Family. Mr. and Mrs. T.A. were his parent.He went to Adeola Elementry School for his Primary Education before going to Moslem school 1 Isoku in the City of Ijebu-Ode which he finshed his Primary Education in the Year 2001. He had his Secondary Education in Ijebu Muslim College (IMC) also in Ijebu-Ode and finished in 2008. He also went to Computer School in which he Studied (ADVANCE DIPLOMA IN COMP. ENG.).Lekham has had passion for Music despite the fact that he wanted to be a Doctor , moreover he was in Science department when he has chosen his Nickname to be (DR. LEKHAM).But the Inspiration and Passion he had for music has got into him so he could not go for studying Medicine or Whatsoever. He wrote his first single in the year 2009 named Omo - Dudu (Black Girl), while it was recorded in the year 2010 at SESHORIAN WORLD studio produced by SESHO in Bariga, Lagos. He his fervently working hard on his music career with his Unprecedented Voices.

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