Lyrics: Lex A – Figure 8

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Shey you got that figure 8
Ina me party wanna feel right [X4]

Verse 1:
Shawty wana light up my stick
Wanna grind to the beat o
Wanna put up that thing
Right on the stick ooo
Grind grind and whine like a snake
You wanna shake like an earthquake
Back it up, lets go to my room (lets go to ma room)
See I’m a bad man with skills
Bad bad man with skilthe club, I go make you dey feel,
See the other guys
Them dey hate ooo
Them the other guys them hate ooo
Them say I, I just dey vex, I just dey flex
Dey go o, Lex A go flex ooo, Lex A go flex ooo
Cos I’m a bad man with skills,
A bad man with skills

Verse 2
Me ama bad man chilling in the club
Shawty wanna go low, shawty wanna …
Is it that thing that thing that you want
Come on let me feel it, feel it in your cup
She wanna get some loving loving
Wanna come come whine it whine it
Baby girl what you wanna do, whine it whine it girl
See ama captain ama captain of the ship
Baby wanna shake it shake it break it
What you wanna do, come do it to me
Shawty wanna get get low low low low ooo
Ker labe kere, sugbon to ba gun eh
Mere lo ma mere sugbon to ba mu eh(toh ba mu eh)
To ba mu eh ni koro
To ba mu ni koro
Lex A ma show eh, Lex A ma show eh
Lex A ma fin won kpe eh

Shey you got that figure 8
Ina me party wanna feel right [X4]

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