Lyrics: Lil Kesh – Am I Mad ft. MVP, Maphian

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[lil kesh]
oh my god, am i mad

chilling with mvp and maphian

say we play play every day day

to all the wack rappers

damboroba shege

oh my god, am i mad

chilling with mvp and maphian

say we play play

everyday day

to all the wack rappers

damboroba shege

go by the name l to the k k

blazing up the like s to the kk

so point mehn i no delay

all these rapper like tonto

dey don dey decay

back with the brave flows


spitting orisha flows

wahlai no de be

the kind of flows wey make rappers dey pray pray

so on point

even pastors won dey shepe

beat don swagger boy

back back with the flow

rappers wanna battle me

make dem touch your toes

and i keep on keep on flowing

cus i generate the flows

ma flow like mtn network

everywhere you go

still dey make these people wonder

when i flow

dey think am steven

very entertaining

till dem watch me like a tv

killing all this rappers

and dey begging me for mercy

dey wanna pestering

then i offer dem ma penis

people say am so bad

sogbon mo kin shey ka

local ko mi je gon

garri pelu ekpa

when this rappers

see me coming

shey loh ma fere geh

only one bread that i eat, agege

now mogbono feli feli

chopping rappers in ma belle

do your girlfriend kani kani

always smiling on your tv

I’m the real deal legend

i ain talking extra stout

flowing like a boy scout

scouting on this little child



oh my god

am i mad

chilling with lil kesh and maphian

say we play play

every day day

to all the wack rappers

damboroba shege

pass me the mirror

mehn i won show myself jo

pissing out water

am not well jo

the the only rapper

that your mother

wanna time jo

walk around the street

and everybody say hi jo

this is my time

i can pour bottle of champagne on my wrist watch

it is high time for me to hit

the lime light

give me five mics five minutes

five chicks

and imma rhyme tight

twisted flow

something like the shit

am everywhere

but av only been to few places

even your girl is shaking her bum bum

freshness all up in ma system tom tom

the truth is what i tell

your flow rock

but is no more in existence

call it nitel

so what you bragging for

looking like an animal

whose riding a car

nigga oxford

is so proper that you dont wanna miss

present generation rapper that

you don’t wanna diss

am the reason why your girl

doesn’t wanna be missed

the reason why your girl doesn’t

wanna give you a kiss

am the boy from the place were you don’t wanna be

the boy who makes more honey than the queen of the bee

the boy who gat you listening to that mp3

the only rapper who go by the name mvp

the rapper whose got these other rappers wanna be him

the reason why all these rappers wanna go to the gym

knock with one punch, they call me king of the ring

i make rap sound so cool you don’t wanna sing

why? cause am the reason you should quit rap

the reason you should stick with the crowd and never ever stop clapping

the same reason you go lose your job

the same reason why your girl wanna apply for a blow job



oh my god

am i mad

chilling with mvp and lk

say we play play

every day day

to all the wack rappers

damboroba shege

i drop bars, i mean clubs are getting empty

i run the kind of things

usain bolt tried to break me

am still the chosen the one

my mission is to kill two

have been through, have seen through the city

boy will feel you

no hands mehn

i swear i dont shake

they wanna lay ma dreams

i swear dey don wake

so i chop more lines

than a nepa cable

i gotta cheese bony hand

that dey wanna label

when this rapper on the mic

dey start to shiver

reason i never lose

cos am a winner

and so i laugh dem

so the reason i am scarce

am a rare gem

all ma dudes animated

mehn is ben 10

you gat issues of blood

touch ma own hem

i do shit

getting paid for ma own crime

am right above of the law

never jailed for ma own rhyme

the game never crash

cos we both fly

rappers romeo mehn

cos dey must die

your branch crashing savannah mehn

you lost bars

you never making the beat mehn

you not sars

rappers missing me

like virgins missing period

am spitting mass flows

am ma table getting periods

i drop shit

cos my ass is on vacation

i gat no hair mehn

i need insemination

rap general

ma flows is very military

i should be your father

cus hiphop is ma seminary

i bury rapper everyday

so go buy a coffin

ma flows are very tight

mehn give me your offering

i be vexing with the script

and so i punch lines

you all rappers fast food

mehn is lunch time

every single that i drop

dey getting married

all hail the great lyricist

talib kweli

you need to hear this

cos ma next few bars

dey are devilish

i lay ma mark on the beat


i gotta hall up on fame

am the next ish

OMG these people are mad

it seems like hip hop don give these people belle


omg, am I mad

omg am I mad

am I mad

am I mad

wack rappers…damboraba shege

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