Lyrics: Lil Kesh – I No Well (Freestyle) ft. Enigma

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Lil Kesh a.k.a i No Well

[Verse 1: Lil Kesh]

i say
Bros make I warn you, I no well
My flow e be like borehole, e no well
Posh l’omo because I’m older than your pearl
Like banger for december time, this rapper must…sell
For those people wey talk say I too dey fumble
Me I am down to earth
I swear I humble
But if you try me on the mic, na trouble
I spit flows that make the devil wanna read the bible
Like mosquitoes wey dey fuck, when I dey rap
Them must to fly CUMe
I kill beats brother
I don’t need to buy gun
You vex me and tell me let by gone, be bygone
Bygones be bygones ko, I must to buy gun

Is it my fault that I’m more than you?
Chicks feeling me even as I no dey form like you
If I tell you say I no well
Na because say I no well
You like my rap? Write your own
Lemme jor I no sell
If I tell you say you no well
Na because say you no well
You use three different perfumes
And your armpit still dey smell
I know say you go laugh
Even when I make no sense
But that’s the point, my name is Kesh
And I swear I no well
I no well, yeah like seriously I no well
Yo my man Enigma where you at?
Come tell them say you no well abeg

[Verse 2 – Enigma]
Do me a favour and just fasten your seat belt
All these Nigerian rappers with British-American accent
In the sense I do just call it addiction
Pink like Mariah
Me I’m just missing in action
Catch up, stand up that was a lame line now
Moment of silence for the ones presently dying now
Taking a piss on your wall without paying a fine
All cos you want to be noticed
But I no get gbain
Remember you’re little for life and big enough for death
Sometimes it just might be painful
But please enjoy your breath
I’m tired of being broke like what is worse
Cos the upper class be riding like they don’t want us in the bus
So on the road I’m looking at this Igbo girl
She looking like she could clean up and do me
And never ever tell
But the thing is she might have a couple niggas behind
Her daddy, her brothers, her uncles and the more you find
Me and my niggas in the hood blowing up trees
Please Lord make a way for these mass to eat cheese
But sleazy is how I feel when I’m high as hell
Abeg Let’s keep to the secret men, I no well

I swear I no well
Closing prayer abeg
Yeah Na so Kesh
I no well

[Verse 3 – Lil Kesh]
In the voice of ours we pray
Everybody close your eyes
Sister tie your scarf
Enigma comot your cap
When I start speaking in tongues
Don’t think that I am mad
It is the spirit of the Lord that is taking over my mind
The lord said that I should tell you
Azeez likes you
Enigma wants to smoke with you
I think that’s all
In i No Well’s name we pray….Amen

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  • yaya diz iz awesome

    kento usua November 20, 2016 5:28 am
  • I love this freestyle

    Grace March 15, 2017 1:45 am

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