Lyrics: Lil Pain – My Life

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Hah !
Lil pain.
Hahahaa ready for story time bitch story not for children…
Free styling shit
(Slim voice *you understand me boy )…hah ! Hah ! (Bold voice *lets go get em)

When am off to skull something attract ME*
My eyes drawn to girl that dress just like ME*
I try to make my class but that chick incest ME*
I try to toast the gal she said excuse ME*
You are such a fool that gal accuse ME*
She promise if I step again she slap ME*
I smosh to my skull that shit is on ME*
Before I reach my class my teacher sight ME*
He shout that you lied you have to see ME*
Cutting yard of bush and warn that should be ME*
Cause I ride in the hood my boys may help ME*
Now I did it all that shit most screw ME*
Hommies in the hood earning is that ME*
Cause now I look awkward no one can sight ME*
I begin to hide my face cause all eyez on ME*
Back to the class that shit screw ME*
Boys in my class begin harass ME*
I can’t imitate so I shout just leave ME*
A girl next to pretend she knows ME*
She learn that am hot she try to cools ME*
(Boring voice)_*will you be mine* her words attack ME*
I can’t thank you now but you can thank ME*

To much pressure every one is to ME*
I snick to give a f*ck my uncle caught ME*
(Bold voice)*i have to tell your dad* afraid that hurt ME*
On my way to home some gangs attack ME*
Huge rick weapons but that didn’t scared ME*
I try to fight back but thy gang attack ME*
Truly I say those guys just beat ME*
Apples heard me scream so aim to help ME*
I can’t even sight they point the way to ME*
Manage to get home my mom just call ME*
What on your chick that question shock ME*
The girls class party pretend is not ME*
It like a girls lips oh God she got ME*
What a day to ME*
Is like it all ME*
Nothing look good to ME*
Oh God is this ME*

Resting when my phone ringing she call ME*
She own me some gift embarrass is to ME*
YOU need to watch the way you been talking to ME*
I learn that some tins you ain’t didn’t told ME*
Remember how it takes for you to toast ME*
Now you are through you think you got ME*
Recall some last time the love you show ME*
YOU never let me sleep so much cares to ME*
Dailing my number hot text to ME*
Now life change look what you did to ME*
Recall your last text what you just throw ME*
YOU know it not my fault but blame that to ME*
I can’t belief my life can I say you fool ME*
What for oh more pain for ME*

So you can walk bragging pretend didn’t know ME*
It seems you making friends well I fake homME*
YOU run and tell your friends that you leaving ME*
They told you they didn’t see what you seen in ME*
I know no matter what your heart at love ME*
No matter even how you can’t forget ME*
It just your weak mind insist to hate ME*
Am behind all your fame is that how to show ME*
I never ever knew you can do this to ME*
This is just fact sorrow time to ME*
It is first april but look real to ME*
A,a I can’t even sleep baddest night to ME*
Wake up wake up my mom just wake ME*

Oh my God am dreaming
hahaa I know this is not my life
I know I deserve the best
even do am better than the rest
Shout out to all hommies
Leg out

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