Lyrics: Lil Pain – Shout Out

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It lil pain ameer
It been a long while
Yap it my birthday hommie
Or should I say birthday
I set it on try to do sometin
On this one maybe it sometin
I never done before so follow me

It started so bless but I made a single mess
Cause I never score the test so they trynna
Replace nan fa sai na tashi kamar na fara zagi
Nan fa suka rude hava pain banda zargi lookin
So seal like a bought a little peel cause am
More than just real su kwa ance su biya bill
Ku barshi zan biya dan gatan hajiya I got a lot of cash zan kashe mah zuciya rise by my mother
She so sweet like a butter she the 1 that love
Since I wasn’t evin born and held my heart long
Since before it hard form my first shout out to you mom
Evin do I play tom but she never set me borni alwsy say I love you mom ko kun taba fada
Sai daga kafada but you said it to that girl anya
Kun kyautata cause my mom make me proud
And I got to let her know cause

Life is full of stress poverty set to race
But what ever mun gode sinceweall been bless
Shout out to my bro cool captain kill it raw
Respect to yaya abba his da man that make
Me flow to my lil sister mama kai hommies
Da yan adawa my fans da yan uwana dukkansu
Loving my drama hah hommie na maliya
G boy mah ya iya then goes to y n s morell
Kun tashi lafiya shout out to d street classiq
Young elah hint summie amir ga wezzy walida
Da teemah mizzle wiz khaleefa lil fays to my
Day science frnds da girl I just meet. My shout
Out to B U K, KUST da north west cause we the best dnt mind them saying you can’t do it i believe in you

I Love all them fans I love all my friend bck
to school life it cool pass all the rest stamina
Da army I love them cause they funny don money
Make me bug while abdunasir hit me up kai anga rayuwa till next mai zuwai know you got my back sks zo mu je zuwa let make it back to gc wai ko zaka tuna swaggas rigima jross da gardama
Vava a kan kwana gossip group su kankana
Kai anyi fitina just said it a ko ina it the LEGACY of all you forgot but I recall shout out to makiyanmu mune kuzo ku ganmu Allahu ne gatanmu iyayenmu na kewarmu kunga dole
Ne abarmu cause we make it and we gonna do

This shout out goes to every one who deserve it
I see you too nigga I know you gonna disturb this
Ladies and gentle men sunana Lil pain Ameer
Shout out to the crew you just don’t know
Us hommie you just like that
Damn bless!!

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