Lyrics: Lil’Ping – Keresimesi (Freestyle)

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With the league already over,me on top of de log
There’s no need of swimming back if you dunno de shore
Take my advice,let the critics say whatever they wanna
I’m a legend,I’m sorta like madonna
Life’s hard,compare it to the willie
There’s time to back down your not definitely willing
I fly and hover around never to touch the floor
Former king of the jungle,ma nigga roar
The boy versatile, and i’ma turn the tide
These niggas epileptic i’mma sweep them off the ground
End Of Discussion like we moved in One Accord
The road is never big enough let’s hit de boulevard
Them no fit see me they’ve got a blind side
Running nose,I’m waiting at the finish line
Smoking on a lot of crack,the nigga’s so dope
These rappers lost but found, John Doe
Lord knows you motherfuckers dunno
Rap needs blood you must be looking at the donor
I lay an ambush and watch that nigga sleep off
Jump the gun and now we landing on a jimmy off
Now we dey,Nobody send we
When we come blow dem go talk say na illuminati shey
Shoutouts to those wey dey take pcm for ma headache
I no go gree answer you yet e never reach my payday
Chop knuckle,like we called a couple cape
Means nothing don’t worry your pretty head
Ain’t. Buying nothing till I afford an escalade
From the underground,watch a nigga elevate
Saucy ‘B’ ,I gladly put the oil in
Sharp shooter,straight up like a javelin
I kill the beat,and I let’em go down 6 feet
In front of the chair but I’m never go’on face deceit (the sit)
Me and the crew,we party like we won (aww)
All those people wey dey talk,they dunno (aww)
Rappers be like yams all them spitting tubers (2 bars)
Got a lot of class,its not even school hours
When the liquor jar BREAKS y’all get the last DANCE
I’m stuck in my grind,feeling a lot of real vibes
Fake truth,real lies,the kind your favourite rapper always fails to realise
Empty verses,steady acting a fool
I’m a top notch,and its feeling really cool
Shoot a nigga,I take a bullet for my team
Fast food,that’s exactly how ‘I scream’ (Ice cream)
Indian chick,I could say her bombay
Lohan,na exactly wetin lind’say
These niggas try to slow me down speed bumps
I keep running like I was pursued by hoodlums
Something like sheet,yeah,yeah,I got laid
You’the animal,I put you in a new cage
vampires in de air,omo na acrobats
We’re here,and am gone,dats that….

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