Lyrics: Lord Gedes – Kingdom ft. Tpops, Gunzz

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Verse 1: Lord Gedes
Talent swayed in the right direction/
Close to this faces ever since PLAN-B became an option/
Corny poetry diabolic superstition/
Vocal orientation that beats human’s perception/
Rise of a phoenix in this meta-human body/
AGo forth into this lands proclaim life into this lifeless bodies/
Called out ta hostility with my vicious religion I bless this dry grounds with fertility/
Open up to the glory and the beauty/
All hail this worthy leader/
My face on this coins dangling in my pocket our story finally written check your encyclopedia/
Let the people stare never before has such courage been seen/
How can such a being sin/
From an umbilical cord to a network of undefeated army,
You can’t harm me/
Its 34inch thick diamond armor covering on my skin/
Mountains locomotively obey when the man speaks/
Hear the sky scream harmoniously when man rise even time seize/
Approach with eyes closed this glory could blind you/
Sophisticated mind full of thoughts that supersedes standards/ you welcome
To the kingdom,
To my kingdom
Lord Gedes,
And let the people say,
Let the world say,
Let the fans say,
Lord Gedes, you welcome

Verse 2:Lord Gedes
I operate on a level of god IQ/
With my tribe free rule supremacy is universal/
Locked the seal TWT out now that bird flew without wings too deep for the physical, out my realm shaking hands with legends/
We not boring no more the media can quit pretending/
Sexy thoughts my mind should hit the strip pole soon/
How the boy grew before this I was just a regular kid staring at the moon/
Then came the eclipse now the only way the sun stare back at me is from a shade/
Perfect figure for the media feels like I’ve just been made/
Taking poses like mike ama go pop on the world no hydrogen test/
The universe is listening am the truth to their ears/
Putting smiles on the faces of this kids/
Bow to the king while his still being,/
We done waiting it is time to put to work these genes/
You welcome
To the kingdom,
To my kingdom
Lord Gedes,
And let the people say,
Let the world say,
Let the nigeria say,
Lord Gedes, you welcome

Verse 3:Tpops
it’s my throne , it’s my call , its my phone/
when I die am heading to the divine home /
but define home / is it a sitting room or a bed room with a fine foam / or a bungalow , a duplex or a nice dome/
this kids talk about war like they ready for one/ ambush death before the day break they barely all gone /
is better you stay alive than bury your gun /
cos when you see your brother fall realize it’s nearly your turn/
the war is not gone we not ready to make truce/
all I see is red in front of me like am selling tomatoes/
I see niggas pretending they dodging shot like the matrix/ kill my dog I kill your dog spare the one with the rabies
kinihun ni MI , I swear am far from an elephant/
lion in his prime, any other king is irrelevant/
blow the trumpet, there’s always a theme song for the celebrant/
have got a beautiful kingdom just to spice up my elegance/
u welcome

Verse 4: Gunzz
Heavenly bars these words split the pearly gates open/
Broke free from freedom,these other inmates hoping/
For Moses,rocking out,I’m Elvis/ and pissing Em off with my outstretched pelvis/
stretch my arms towards the evils but my hands too short/
The government taking my mans to court/
Wouldn’t look up to the sky even when angels fly/
But be the first to start to envy when a Mercedes drive/
I drive power with these lyrics to the children of the kingdom/
The best things are free,i ain’t charging for this wisdom/
The reason why y’all should behold these euphemisms/
Pressed with the words,you should really give me your mind to piss in/
Cos I’m a reverend/disparaging the system and unraveling the truth behind the slavery of this freedom/
These days our minds too thin to be accommodating hope/
I see the kingdom and i seek the combination codes/ but u welcome
to my kingdom ..lord Gunzz baby
You are welcome
To the kingdom
And its Gunzz baby

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