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Am gonna be scary rich! Me and my team
Yeah, One,
Put modo on shuffle trying to ignite my thoughts/
am Short of bricks building my inner man prepare for the worst
extreme Focus is the language when the mind speaks from the tongue
am improvising my ascent, Stuck with this blogs buffering for faults/
tread the right places manipulating the combination trying to buy a spot in the box/
maybe I ain’t good with vessels cause all the intelligence in the world s shapeless without a cause/
paranoid for the right reasons/
deoxygenated blood am saving my breath for the right purpose, am mentally drifting away from the original plan/
am less passionate am prince charming the opposite am referencing AQ’s works for a start/
dreams afflicted with issues of the past am having sleep lessons
i think its a privilege to have a freaks senses/
am literally speaking to myself/
Its totally normal to misjudge a work in progress/
eight Steps at random I take em with caution,
tuned to this frequency caught signals from paradise am rendering the lords own edition now,faaam,
mama proud of my career now that’s a stretch,
papa probably nodding his head to this bars in heaven his first son is finally living his dream/
am either writing poetry,or somewhere admiring a piece of art, never take life too seriously/they say am changing gradually/
they don’t know me, i differently perceive my surroundings ever since I feel in love
my story began inaccurately the picture is clearer when you stare from a distant
allow me preach of my existence/
Get back to this peasants
Don’t patronize me am doing this all for me
On a journey of forever hope to reach a mysterious height journey mercy’s/
I never had girl issues I must be emotionally immature/
Used to be a king before I fell in love with a god like creature/ this is love from up above/
Rise from the fall glory descends like a dove/
Am crazy about you pumpkin/
Understand I am totally ready to start buying napkins
for Real and I ain’t even bluffing
they say I crack jokes too much i should try being a comedian/
Got a bunch of skills the media should be familiar with this face, but this days, nobody cares how talent looks son/
They would only sculpt you perfect when you are gone/
Project your stories to their son/
They don’t listen even when their stereos turned up loud/
How are they gonna turn up now, but am numb! to the negativity am getting from the internet spit it up in the air if its too much for their ear, yeah, Am too much for their ear, I swear I ain’t afraid of ya’all got my bags packed am heading to the stars For a day or more, whether for a day or more, but it doesn’t really matter cause am gonna say I did it
Am touching the most percentage/
Resurrecting from the wreckage/
Baby please don’t half that smile, the way you making me feel is giving me butterflies
Like tada da tada da
and We gon’ blow up like magic/
can’t be random been in this movement like addicts/
a Burning passion the fireman can’t put out/
how about that for a burnt offering,
Catch me heaping little bits of Einstein’s knowledge
Outstretched wisdom reach for height in a hobbit college
the noise raised is mental can make you brain deaf
ears wide to every word the magic makes you listen with elves
premature tongue but saliva ignites history when I go spitting
before acrobatics am the one that knows how to keep his pages flipping
lord gedes of the south verses can still give you zuma to rock to
I make miracles king slayer, am Tyrion Lannister guilty of the crime without trial
obstacles just another stepping stone am picturing Ben Grimm in a salsa class
threat hate like a faster runner I just let it pass
while I design holographic sentences the good bad the ugly
give you a thousand words and more to run with, long live Eddie Murphy
pass me the trophy,these bad rhymers don’t stand a chance with puffy
I’d remain a bad catalyst in your lyrical force field, nothing personal but even James Brown wouldn’t feel good afterwards trust me
crown me Scoffield with the bars even thou the prison don’t break
am running out of opponents somebody impress me for God sakes
I mute blows creative how I make suicide bombers wait
deal with it am the reason why the rap game loosed its north face
hip-hop in this hands that’s a tight place
virginity is held for the right face and since that face is mine ama do me, so jump on the internet ask who He,they talk about with so much caution and no title
guess now my presence answered much more questions they forget the use of google/
If its about height I flip heavens gate open
angels jumping out the milky way can’t let demons out often
fuck a lions share the giants coming for the whole market
I see dropping Samson thought this goats how to scapeLions
get crayons, I can replace your adams apple with coconuts, diagram that, shits becoming a hard nut to crack
this nigaz can’t see shit why they blind love your rap
nobody repeats after me,no karaoke today homie, I’d speak a strange language that makes you chock on your tongue, you can clearly see success if you make my face your area of concentration, but your concentration loose like a porn star cunt
you lazy with fonts,this methods won’t fit even when slipped in hard through your nurts,
In a planet of apes am the only man in it
meaning its mine did I hurt your dyeing feelings?/ told them am too much for them to handle
even the labels not fit for me my intelligence could burn cables
kill a bear with my bare hands leave you bare like adam before the fruit let’s see how much you can bare, everybody raps now I just came with a different approach
like a suicide bomber ready to blow
could make even the popo frisk for the show
I already had enough of the comedy joker brought
am the real king of the south tell 6ix his acting period is up/

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