Lyrics: Lord Gedes – Skins, Hearts and Me

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[Verse 1] One
Feels like am under water drowning/ feels like existence is lifting off me/
Natures blessing gave a little response to a figure calling/
This my weakness showing/ clothed in hypocritical gimmick/
Feels like am on a mission so listen as I paint inwards driven by nothing physical,missionary speaking am seeking nothing a mortal can offer so feel the artistic order of insights/ feel the trouble am coming out with, feel me Scooping for bread in my vomit, my bad little habits/
Painted clear for your ears buried deep within this words
But you took me for granted/ Even Stepped on a mine, but you don’t realize, its all part of the harvest you blind to the fact/ You scared that I’d be the greatest which I already is/
Am making my moves without license am living my dreams/ but this dream is a mansion its damn lonely within/
Took to my heels as the whistle go off/
No match for this match why am pissing off/
The danger observed could give color to blood/
Am different from you all, that’s a clue for you all/
Papa called me great I lifted the trophy/
This is what it feels to make story from nothing/
Feels like am offering my best to get something less worthy/
trying to impress the public/
Always win but it dose feels like I lose hundred percent of the time/ Faking this feelings of mine, but most of the time I just let it out to the surface,who are you to decline/

[Verse 2] Seems like the fire in me keeps burning/
Its probably hell but I hear the heavens calling/ this loud voices locked up in my head am going psychotic/ how you know when you gifted with something/
The deep Passion could flood your thinking/ Extraterrestrial could scare lions/
You protect the rhythm/ that single ability that keeps your heart beating/
You start experiencing notable physical change well, your wishes could rain if you lift em high up to the ceiling/
You already dreaming/ You get so committed/
You start to make miracles christ ing your water to wine till you walk in tune with the flow/
Nile to the world get exposed like open wounds, have every other thing up in fumes/
Leave your scent centered on every heart so they could write and tell stories of you when you gone/ a role model let them sing songs for every battle you have won/
But while you are here make the best of it/
Be the best at it, whatever it is that you involved in/
Let them learn from it/ put your heart into it, and give it life/ give it a reason to shine/
Obstacles might come handy but be ready with your survival tactics/ be the originator of your own story/
Forge your own victory/ stand alone if necessary/
That’s how you get legendary/
Leave no space for doubts in your heart/
Find your own place in this space of time/
And expand your heavenly creative mind, hearts

[Verse 3] Am sick of discretion the mention bring tension erections growing weak/
The music’s infected condition been altered hard to take an impressive flight with this wings/ am sick of artists measuring penises/ title match with the music and who the next hardest would be/
So they can grow horns on the internet bout how their lines intersect supernaturaly/ thirst to kill the next is consuming the beauty/ If words can throw punches tell me where’s the music/
They fuse it abuse it confuse it, fans without much of a choice go ahead and consume it/
Find a way to moneytize their foolishness so they can look talented in the eyes of the blind/
This a clue for the minds/ Proofs that the music s diluted they concentrate on beats and rhymes/
They omit anything genuine, they fake as cartoons,
They infest your minds with negative lines/
Make the truth turn into lies/ they blocking the shine of the true talents, bad news for the dope addicts/
pay the market big to keep their shows selling/
they turn into magnets attract any one they can find,
that’s what it takes to be a real artist/
Use it dilute it till it breaks spine for you then its back your way/ you camouflage your true identity and give the fans whats requested, and one day/
Get the money and look miraculously contented,
Can sometimes look so pretty on the surface but deep down in my heart? I am just Me!

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