Lyrics: Lord V – 48 Bars of Discipline [Yung6ix Diss]

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Here’s my problem! No Discipline!
Niggaz talk shit and call it an opinion
No facts, No tracks, to back it up
But everybody listening and Nobody’s checkin ‘em

Funny.. A pussy tryna claim King YO!
((SHUT UP))… Go get paper and a pencil
Mouth stay running but you think slow
Sit yo ass down Let me show you how a king Flow

You Pussy. You should get a man yo
I could hook you up, I heard Paul is still single
Quit rap. Go dance in his video
You might get a range if you do the Alingo

No disrespect to P square
I heard you like young chics. Well there’s one here
With a lot of lip gloss and some blonde hair
Facts only.. Nothing wrong yeah?

6ix you aint made for this rap shit
Dicks. In your mouth, so you rap weak
Flow. Vic O… is more lyrical
Even Why Evils had a message that was spiritual
You on the other hand.. Lack concepts
You aint got a conscience.. So you spit nonsense
And your fans is illiterate
Cos you be spitting shit and apparently they getting it

Your style played out like the corny rows
I got the best lines, all you got is corny flows
And you dress gay. With your Corny clothes
Only place you the best is with the Corny hoes

Plenty Money was dope. You wack since then
I don’t really know what got into your system
You said all we do is (h)ate. Like your girls figure
Punchlines with H factor. Really nigga?

Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t Dissing
I only diss you if your flow is competition
Like Erigga, Boogey, Niggas that can Cypher
Spit that shit that you’re too slow to decipher

Ok. Let me get at you in Hausa
Asalin rappers.. Ni dan Baba..
Vino. Ni Zan kasha ka da waka
Sai.. Zan kone ka Kaman taba

Wawa. Karamin yaro. Dan Iska
Zo. Zan ba ka mari a fuska
We all spit plants on the long run
But I spit Ganja.. All you do is spit corn

I punch lines, Kick bars, I win fights
SO I suggest that you don’t test me
Oh your flow Heavy? 10 Gigabites
but the sense you make is like 10 MB!! ((I’m Done))

(Shit Talking)

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