Lyrics: Lord V – 80 Bars ft. Johnny Fresh

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Johnny fresh (verse 1)
Freshboi, microphone testing
Straight rape beats nigga i can molest em
See the rolex on my wrist straight flexin
I ain’t at the top but i’m the next best thing

Call me mr best western
Mr wreckless nigga mr best dress and
It’s less stress when you messing with the best and
I’m in this bitch, you just outside texting

I’m a problem quadratic couldn’t solve me
If you aint talking money nigga don’t involve me
I ball, nigga ball like i’m balding
Make that booty clap make it bounce like spalding

This beat, sabotage
Neck on chill… Hagen dagz
My chick got a apple bottom.. Macintosh
My house big with a pool with a rack. Of floors

I got 9 homes, 3 in each timezone
Google earth em all you can see em through your iphone
Dont get it twisted like a cyclone
From the get go i’m the motherland’s young money tycoon

On my life mehn ima make it i’m guaranteed to make it
Used the be the kid they bullied now i’m the only one that made it
Underated all my life and then a nigga graduated
So i’m coming hard, coming like a nigga masturbated

See your greatest hits, sounding like my latest hits
Make a wish, bout to kiss the game goodbye like jadakiss
You don’t know who you playing wit
All up in your girl phone, got my name stored in her favorites

Been around the world, i prolly seen it all
Built it from the ground so it’s hard to see it fall
I’m out to prove a point so i had to beat em all
And when you playing from the top it’s kinda hard to see the score

All my hits, madness
Got a couple g’s stored in my cabinet
She go straight to the dome like a tablet
See a fine chick we attract like a magnet

The name’s jay, you can add a caps lock
And an exclamation mark when my pants drop
You can a shift key too
Control-alt-delete all the shit we do

Lord v (verse 2)
Still on the keyboard, dope with the keys
Listen to the flow then they control c
But i am the lord, you can’t control v
So take yo gotta take yo shit back control z

If rap was a game, i’m a ps3
Or 4. You mini like the psp
First division. You never in my league
Cos i ball with the champions. Psg

I am lord v, mr lyrical action
I paint clear pictures, you don’t need a caption
Make it look easy, other rappers gasping
This a head banger man.. You might need an asprin

I run the game (all year), long ass sprint
Even yo girl miss me. Yeah now she asking
She said ‘i smell cigarettes, nigga where your ass been?’
I told her i been smoking these rappers like a aspen

Niggaz wanna trend so they rapping for fashion
I do it from the soul, i’m a rapper with a passion
Speaking bout fashion, i got the kind of flows, that’s similar to my clothes
I just get the camera’s flashing

Everything i do with the flow? So drastic
Parallel bars in the gym. Gymnastics
Flow leaking thru yo brain like a basket
I body bag rappers, i don’t put em in a casket

Keyboard gangstas, internet yapping
Fake niggas. Fake threats. Nothing happening
Talkin guns like on the street like you clapping
Cinderella nigga, you just fairytale rapping

You make a mill, now you feel that you got dough (naira ohh)
What you know about land in asokoro
What you know about real figures
Ramadan dinners. Feasts in the villa

What you know about white lines. Cocaine
Let it flow, let it go straight to the brain
Don’t test cos the flow insane
Take a shot? I suggest that you curt cobain

Or get a drink by the bar. I spit a couple of those
Was that a double entendre, or just a couple of flows
It’s lord v for the magic. Fresh for the ho’s
80 bars nigga. This shit goes!!!

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