Lyrics: Lord V – Mathematics ft. Boogey

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titles=Mathematics ft Boogey 1]

Verse 1 [Lord V]

Me and Brain certified to get these MCs scared/

That’s relativity. We equal to MC squared/

They say the number of perfection is 7/

So I’ll just take a fraction. Eleven/ And leave the other half for my guy/

Do the math I just took half of the pie/

John 3:16. Yeah that’s the truth of heaven’s gate/

As I spit 3 sixteens ’and kill a 48/

Then I proceed to take it back to 1988/

Year I was born. Yet to see the National reforms/

National treasure ain’t distributed properly/

Government officials, they stay amassing property/

And they say ‘we wanna dance. Vino give it to me’/

But I gave ‘em lyricism when they say they wanna Boogey/

The number on top the isosceles/

When the base angles is 89.5 degrees/

Which means im number one on top of the Mambilla/

On my own plateau, even though the shape is angular/

On the contrary, we living in a country (Con-ta-ry)

Where the wealth multiplies exponentially/

And people get weaker financially/

It don’t add up to me/

They say kids are the leaders of tomorrow G/

But how they lead when they die before their first salary/

78 percent of infant mortality/

Over a hundred million on Senators’ salary/

About a trillion on national security/

The country’s getting bombed up and nobody securing me/

I say we getting robbed brutally/

And I’m just trynna hustle to recover from the things that they do to me/

This is just a minor accumulation of the stats/

And Nothings adding up when you do the math!/

This is just a minor accumulation of the stats/

And Nothings adding up when you do the math!/

Verse 2 [BOOGEY]

They say that I’m the one, it’s kinda hard to believe/
The hardest emcees/
I’m 1, 2 and probably 3/
For..20years I’ve listened to hiphop/
That means I been a student since I was precisely two 6’s away from the mark of the beast/
Shawty listening just said I skipped 5/
Which might….Be her boyfriend’s dick size../
So I gave that chick pipe/
But it didn’t fit why?/
Shit’s tight/
Find the square of the radius multiplied with height and with pi/

Enough calculations on my cylinder/
70 year old men Spillin blood/
stealing bucks. Buying 34D titty cups/
For these skinny broads/
Life expectancy here is about 51/

Average stupid. there’s niggas way older/
But their pension is 1/5th of some nigga’s pay bonus/
Die early or u stay broke as/
The old lady that be living in a shoe/
U aint ill, but your life is full of women, it’ll do/
Cos Homie, It’ll kill u too/
One woman for every man. life span might be hittin 52/

The Sex ratio above 65yrs old (0.94)/
If u got a penis then life’s short/
So try not die poor/
Get Rides with d slide doors/
Your Wife sorta likes sports/
and Mics get her hype more?/

(Lucky bastard)..
Made a milli from a show/
But your dumb ass be spending it on jeans that be skinny to the bone/

Three quarters of the fans are now artistes/
They mean it literally when they shout (that’s my song)at house parties/

24 percent of the labour force unemployed/
Imma hustle till i see my son enjoy/
everything my father never had/
I Gotta be a better dad/

Money aint the root of all evil/
If you loaded and u spending it on food for your people/
7 billion demons walking the planet so 83,666 is the root of all evil. (Do the math) (Brain)

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