Lyrics: Lord V – Murda ft. Rukus

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VERSE 1 [Lord V]
Assalama Aleikum. Aleikum Sallam
I Come through like a boss in ma russell and bromley  shoes & white Kaftan
All of you expendable to me fam. No come here de form Van damme
Y’all tuned to DaVino code. My flow my inferno. Dan brown
Ya boys don’t know bout me. I hold the keys to the bars yeah I lock shit down
Its Lord V aka bad man and I rep J town
Matta fact I’m trynna be king, next time I go home imma Take that crown
But If MI, Jargo, Kahli come thru I go Gats back down
Lowkey. I gatts back down.
I’ll be back but I gats back down
Anybody else, bring them, swear to God 8bars imma Kill that clown
Matta fact, I aint gotta rap, my adlibs gon take dem down.
I be like. Eh eh eh eh eh. Y’anstaan. Confahm
New kid on the block. Trynna save hiphop. Doin that with a brand new sound
The game aint dead. I’m alive getting bread. Y’all niggaz better hold me down
Step on my toes, imma step on yo head. Swear to God imma run you down!
Imma run you down. Hashtag that. Hit that pound! I go run you down!

Let me talk my talk. Let me kill this beat like
Imma walk my walk . Imma bring this heat like
You wan come test better bring that heat like
(Street life). Murda!!
(It be like)

VERSE 2 [Rukus]
Yum!! What’s the flow like?
Honestly, just spitting what the hoe’s like…
This is what you spit when u lived po’ right?
Took licks like a chick that’s with 4 dikes
Use those licks put my stamp on the game,
Express, check the delivery,
Nice on the mic like I brought back chivalry,
Riv-uh-lry…I mean rivalry, now just vibe with me,
No one enter and leaving alive with me,
No one sees me, I’m take their eye’s with me,
While the last line lingers drop jaws like I’m holding a shark with some grease on my fingers
Flow with vino, – still rocking Chinos, sippin on pino, came from the strip club just dropped a c-note, heard that I’m Igbo, now she drop on one knee, like Tebow,
Beat her up on Friday – Debo
She said I got a big – ego
She move like she learned to azonto,
Pronto, all the way from gidi to toronto,
Encore, see me in they city and they want more,
Kondo, green white green like I’m Rondo,
Tonto, Dikeh, “Dirty Secrets” on though
Haters be gone tho, chicken like Nando’s…
And whether I beat’em or eat ’em,
My people say I’ma beast and they determined to feed ’em,
Delet’em Delet’em, – Bring’em back and tell ’em repeat ’em,
I’m in the booth with a hater, tell my mama I’m eating,
Tell my pops I beat’em, tell jacob I need’em,
I’ll cop a jesus piece after I feed my niece
I gotta tease the freaks, I gotta please the geeks,
I copped a brand new rolly watch me freeze the beat.


Let me talk my talk. Let me kill this beat like
Imma walk my walk . Imma bring this heat like
You wan come test better bring that heat like
(Street life). Murda!!
(It be like)

Verse 3 [Lord V]
They say When the going gets tough. The tough get going
That’s when the fake gold will start to fade. And the real keep glowing
I put bare MCs in the grave. I let the real, keep flowing
Weak MCs start to crash. But I stay fly. Nigga I stay Boeing
747. International flow. First class. UK all the way to Napoli
My flow Get u high. Listen up. Spread it online like say you de pass kpoli
Unilag. Uniben. U J. OAU, down to the Kad poly
You talk say u rap pass me? You de mad. Stop that folly
You heard about me? The lord is good. nigga test and see
Matta fact that’s risky. I suggest that you don’t test me
I get respect from the best. Wanna Doubt me? Nigga ask ElDee.
Ask sinzu. SMG. Tec n Ghost. The whole SDC
Bar for bar. And that’s Line for Line. I go head to head with your best MC
Yeah your flow heavy. Like 10 Gig. But the sense you make is like 10 MB
Irregular flow. I’m on that
Straight kill MCs? I done that
Athlete on the beat. I run tracks.
Mixtape general. I’m on that. POW!

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