Lyrics: Lucky One – S.O.B ft. Timi Kay

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Damn!!! Son of a ….
You can’t touch my grind today Is a good day..
Son of a ….
You can’t off my shine and am like
Damn!!! Son of a ….
You can’t touch my grind today is a good day..
Son of a ….
You can’t off my shine

[Verse 1- Lucky One]
I swear I had a bouquet in my dream last nite..
Just living my dream, that’s a sleepless nite..
Then woke up to mornin, thank God for my yawning, my jaw still bionic, I spit that right..
Hustle mode; prize fight..
My future be like nigga dim that light..
Am working, paper talkin, I see niggas coughing? miracle; jesus christ..
You think I came here for the excort?..
Groupies and more heads than lescott?..
U’re left back, alaba dey export me, but am ready like food in a restaurant..
I see haters in a slaughter..
Tryna serve me beef with their butler..
You can’t post me na!, liker blogger..
My time is now so watch me and am like!

(Repeat Hook)

[Verse2 – timi kay]
And am like, gaddamn!, they told me get ’em and I got dem!..
The flow like medicine now, your hate irrelivant now
I’m gettin paper and I’m not them!..
So am chillin with the flow that’s my holiday spit..
Leave you spell bound I’m a modern day witch..
Drenched in male juice, gimics bother gay kids ..
Creating master pieces when I cough up slave ships..
And I’m a big dog you a son of a..
You aint gettin none! You a porn lover..
Dunno timi kay I’m known all over..
Already killed the game accept my condolence..

(Repeat Hook)

[Bridge – Lucky One]
Men drop me the keys
Tell the girls to say sup wit a kiss
Spirits everywhere not the deceased
Let the pictures get shot with a cheese!!

You dey your office, or your job or your market..
Tryna see a couple things you fit racket..
Tryna get a couple cheese in your pocket..
Dem wan pour your water for basket and u’re like damn!!

Fine gurl with a figure 8..
You position and boys no fit concentrate..
Your market dey sell and eyes dey penetrate..
Na so your high heel just break and u’re like damn!!

Ali don big, him dey scope simbi for the next street..
Him work hard sotey dem wan kiss..
Na so him popsi walk in and he’s like damn!!..

Whatever you chase..
Hold your hand to your shoe and buckle your lase..
Hold your hustle by the horn and pull the shit..
We gotta make way no matter the tint, like..

(Repeat Hook)

Son of a…….
(Fades out)

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