Lyrics: Lynxxx – Talk Your Mind ft. Poe

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Its Lynxxx
I see niggas out here arguing about
You know who spits the hardest verse
Whose name was on the list
Who has the best punchlines
And I think that is funny
Because there is two ways to look at this thing
There’s the music industry
Where the politics gets played
And the music business
Where the money gets made
This nigga

VERSE 1 – Lynxxx

These niggas snoozing
I’m about to wake em up
Little said fu**king Lynxxx
It’s time to shake em off
For the fact that I be saying
I made jollof music
These niggas think I’m stupid
I think they all useless
I could care less about the punchlines
Niggas arguing over a list that is online
I’m sitting in a meeting drinking pepsi
Renewed my contract
The Lord has been a blessing
Just got done touring did 18 shows for Glo..yeah and I gat
paid for all of those
A whole me
That’s excluding my endorsement fee
So why you think your comments gonna bother me
I’m in my new crib
Got a chef
Roof top chilling with my niggas blowing peff
While the Benz outside right next to my quad
So while you hating
I be laughing cause I’m alright

VERSE 2 – Lynxxx
I find it funny when I read comments on blogs
And niggas worrying about my lyrics
Worrying about whether I rap hard or not
My nigga
I’m cashing out
Worry about yourself

In the game
A lot of thses dudes is faking it.. Confirm
How many of these dudes making it.. Confirm
How many of these rappers really getting paid..ahn
I’m just being real
I’m never throwing shade
Cause guys wey dey make mouth
Dey do free show
They form swag with fake rolly
But we know
Dey argue say na you spit bars pass
But na who get bar pass
While boys they clean out
You dey clean house
While Guinness booking me
You dey drink stout
This year didn’t make more cash than Jake…ah
For being the best rapper
I’m all about my pay
I no send
Make sure my family is straight.. Confirm
Make sure there’s food on everybody’s plate
Plus two
Make sure my cheques are never late.. Yeah
Make sure the grass is low
So I can see the snakes

I believe everybody knows what they want
Out of whatever they try to do
For the last time
I’m trying to say this to you
Don’t really care whether you rate me or not
As long as my fans are paying
I’m staying

VERSE 3 – Poe
You know
They said that em
The weak make noise
The strong move quietly
If you believe that then you know Poe
You know unexpected, underestimated
I do this for you haters and unbelievers
I will start the verse like
Something like

By the way
How was your day
If life came in a bottle I’m drinking it by the case
Some stab you in the back
But others smile in your face
So I keep a small circle
No wonder you’re out of shape….hooo
I openly dedicate
They ask me why I rap
I told him to educate
Fuck any rapper who ever gets in my way
Despite the grammar and accent
I was born in Obalende
So I go hard
It’s self evident
Just a little dope one two
We need excellent
Nigga never get confused
I no be gentleman
See me as the reason
Your favorite rapper’s irrelevant
Money on my mind
My nigga I’m getting greedy
When you are dope as me
You better be on your CV
Omo you dey vex
Your woman is only looking
Cause she wants a little more than an autograph and a CD
I am Poe

Lord knows
Leave it
This thing that we have is real mehn
This side is a name
You can never aim to describe this right
You can’t define or describe
Hates, betrayal.. I got it
I am Poe
And its Lynxxx on the beat
Una no know say I dey produce join abi
New singles coming out
We just getting started

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