Lyrics: M.G – Area Fada

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when i say i dey burn tracks
i nor mean nero,
make rappers eye
red like who catch apolo,
my head nor corret
shey na now you know,
hustling till i go shine like
2face aboyo

blow you scatter like
who get beef with boko,
me na chairmo
all dese rappers na joko,
forget sam
when i spit rappers dey loko,
troway photoshop
design your back with koboko.

if hip hop na church
rappers na protocol,n
when i burst a rhyme
dem dey shake like who catch cold,
na where i don pass since
dem dey rush goto,
e clear say dem dumb
so i dey play dem like lotto,

fire rappers like okada
i nor use tettle,
yes i deserve the title,
i dey make rappers stand still
like who dey take photo,
while i dey press dem
anyhow liike handle for nuzzle.

so forget matter
i be area fada,
nor need to tell you bros
my flowz tight like dada,
you nor fit reach my level
even with ladder,
e clear say for this game
MG na father…

so when you see me halla
AREA FADA!!!!!!!!!X3
You be area fada
you be area fada..

is like my flow na electric
why you dey shock,
i get paid to burst a rhyme
dey dere dey talk,
too much fans
which ceiling i go hang dem put,
because like jack for motor
i dey always dey boot,

Ask any carpenter
e go tell you me na chair,
push these rappers around
like cripple for wheel chair,
without gun dagger or knife
i dey kill all beat,
now dem dey see me squeeze face
like who dey push strong shit,

me i nor get fear,
your babe dey eye me anyhow,
forget dat bear,
no bakery but
am all about the doe,
your babe be like ballon
she nor go hard me blow,

i hang your clock for sky
now your time is up,
even if rappers look sky
dem nor go know whats up,
na only when your babe
ontop me i fuck up,
i dey make rappers dey …….
no hiccups.

Many don try copy me
but dem nor fit paste,
dem dey slow
i dey fast like who dey in haste,
i dey draw attention
like mercy johnson waist,
while in dey close rappers up
without toothpaste,

no idibia
but me and jazz na 2baba,
no cutlass but i dey get head
like isakaba,
if you dey talk about rap
forget matter joor,
me and Jazzkid flow smooth
like 2face ogor,

i dey make rappers scream
like women for labour,
with hefty flow
like who dey do steady kpor kpor,
i high sote
angels become my neighbour,
because na so so up i dey go
like vapour,

ask josh
e go tell you say Mg na craze,
because i dey ball steady
without shoelace,
if man nor die bros
e nor go fit rotten,
when i say i dey cook mixtape
i nor mean potten.

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