Lyrics: Macjreyz – Awon Temi (Hustle)

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shout out sa awon temi to wa ninu hood
flow so nice everything good
baba bless d bois bless our hustle
so we can leave life very good

Shout out sa awon temi to wa ninu hood
im not straight outta d freezer burh im very cool
fine boy na mehn ah fii to get ur boo
d name is macjreyz i know u would know dat too

i pull up in a panamera burh datz a lie shaa
ive been trekking for long in my nike bata
thank GOD for packaging n shakara
if nuh dem for know say d boy neva chop sha

i don hustle die mehn i go make am
moti kpe gan ninu street i go ruff am
i been on my grind one day i go runtown
baba make d boy smile coz he too frown

mehn am back again
give dem wicked flows wey dey burst brain
so fly like an airplane
iyalaya anybody ton hate

I’ve been on ma grind ka engine eji akwo iwe
ifumu ne moovutu d top ewekanam iwe
mbwe Nona game na Cho way U dey play suwe
gathering cash to make records, U dey burn throway

money for my byday na Im I use do diz shiiii
money to flex na Im I use to drop diz shiii
the point im trying to make is that i can not leave diz shiii
married to d game mehn I can’t divorce d b*tch

been thru ups N Downs burh one day we go gain balance
me n ma dawqz salivating make God give us chance
when we make it we sef go do our victory dance
eziokwu am feeling cool all thanks to ma fans

going from ma dawqz jayflow Matthew n kheezy
macvin trippy wizzy.chizzy tf n tepidz
honestly trust me bruh one day we will make it
don’t be mad if U didn’t hear Ur names on diz
didn’t have a lotta space to make a very long list
to d ones listening to me since my first hit
honestly I really appreciate comman chop kiss
even d ones wey dey hate sef come chop kiss
coz without una mehn ah no fii dey like diz
Only me in the Booth I just stand like this
Physically fit Mehn I just dey like this
Ohh Mehn damn

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