Lyrics: Macjreyz – Rising Royalty

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Superstarboy rapper macjreyz

Come bow to the king
Like u wanna give urself brain to think I love the way u whine it here and
there like an alcoholic drink
And ur booty bad and oti cast so aunty stop fronting
Oya bring it here lemme smash it there
Girl u know i like big things
Oshay my kinda girls are bbw
She say watch me go down and give u clean head like banky w
I smoke loud in a benz
Get crown in a benz not a bmw
So you know am an OG even in my past life so what the fxck dey worry u
I gotta kill a couple of things
I gotta slay on everything
Now they looking at me like a phenomenal being
I’m all all bout the win win
I’m addicted to winning
Na why my ogbono soup no gree draw shey u get that feeling
overkilling with the way am spitting
Killing all the rappers now they calling me a villain
Macjreyz is the best
U wanna compete with me you’re going down with the rest
Only two rappers here it’s jreyz and the rest
Can’t get it of my mo’fxcking chest
Here to save the hip hop game
Yea that’s my quest
Blessed my the God and the best
Why u wanna test Ama wild wild west
Don’t fxck with me or Ama pull a Kanye West
Put a bullet in your chest
I’m a fun guy and I hate pest
So don’t test MACJREYZ

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