Lyrics: Maphian – Illuminati [Cover]

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hello everybody,on ma way to grammy
am working for the fame still do it for the money
am on my fucking hustle, walking through the valley
the boy is set to blow yeah!! so fuck illuminati
if you hate the boy mehn!! neva hate the hustle
ufodu make ya nime jazz
buh i made it through the muscle
the richer is getting richer,fale dia soul for riches
still fana jukwam onye mbu
i say am just a rapper
you believe in juju tell it to the devil
say am playing with my soul,am fucking with the devil
the truth is very bitter
ona tour on’e gbu
when i pass by the streets fancha fum fane kur
driving in my range
2moro is bugatii
ask my broda sarkodie,how we shut it in kumasi
the flow,the enegry
the rap,the chemistry
when you see passing by never ask a broda if its illuminati

verse 2:
ma’phian is my name,am more than just a brand
let me put it straight i cash my money in the bank
hold on for a minute your talking with the boss
you have to call my manager and she gives you our clause
now you see the difference when i rise and then you fall
we stalk it up with dollars anytime we wanna ball
the change, is not when simply spend it all
am sorry to be rude buh don’t ever try to call
i know am getting better,am soon to be the best
see the way am getting paper is looking like a test
and he’s knocking at the door,i know who is the guest
am ready for the game,and the people think am talking illuminati

verse 3:
now you know the rules, its all about the power
when its comes to money we making every hour
i be believe in god and also in he’s word
so i do it for my team and i do it for my blood
now you know the storyline, everyday is a fiest nigga
and talking of the height na god go make me big nigga
*talking bout here the shows that i go and the tours that have bin and with all that have seen its just like a dream
at the end of the day
we pray for the best
and we leave all the rest
dining with kings and the queens get obsessed with me
moving with the princes and td princesses get down with me
am never seen around i only fly in space
the only time am seen and the people say is the boi is illuminati


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