Lyrics: MarQuiz – Facts Only [Yung6ix Diss]

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There was a time, rap was for real cats only
But Now Its all stale, what happened to facts only
Believe me like religion, never doubt that What I’m spitting
Is Void of all the fiction, I am all facts hommie
I see a bunch of ni**as who wearin boots in d booth,
Just A bunch of lying rappers who calling themselves the truth
Okay, A Quick question to olla’ you rappers tho,
Why call it a freestyle when clearly its a song you wrote
Y’all b like “I do it big” is That so?
You say you’re living rich when infact you’re dead broke
I get mad then I’m like “Marquiz Watchu mad for
Being broke is really funny better laff at that joke”
I’m Makin a name for myself I’m done being john doe
I ex men now… I’ve probably gone rogue
Music in my genes, nothing can come between
Through the tides I’m steady tryna weather the storm yo
Can I live? The thought of hip hop dying is really killing me
Rappers focus on punchlines & lose delivery
you say you’re the best? u say that you’re not?
these days being the best really isn’t good enuf
That’s word, that’s word that’s word like preach,
I can’t say that I’m a teacher if my lyrics don’t teach
Quit faking For real, You’re not a legend until
You are who the old listen to, & who the young seeks
Who’s the best 3, its certain, not sorta
its simple like abc, in no alphabetical order
Modo set the trend brot real in time of fakers
MI is at the apex & Jesse is the greatest
Never say ur the best, cuz you’re reppin your street
& you got shallow fans, tellin you your flow is deep
If you wernt born to sing then don’t follow suit
ALotta you singers wouldn’t be shit without autotune
I’m Living life on beats, ybs gat this
Wish I could rap about money buh I aint gat shit
All I gat is a lil crumbs, I’m hustlin for big bread
Girl don’t tease me on the fone come gimme that real head
You made Foul moves, then gimme the free throws
Ladies let you score the more you achieve goals
She said baby i love you, na wash; laundry
You can’t have [Ma Heart ma] even if u were ghandi
Sweat on my skin, plenty tears in my eyes
I still don’t understand why my papa had to die
Buh Life is unfair, its like Martin without coretta,
Its like a cold world where you cannot afford a sweater
We got different views, don’t ask of my take
One man’s beef, is another man’s stake
One man’s shit, is another man’s cake
& You being real, to me that’s just fake

One time for my town, j city nigga
One time for the Nokia Asha rap Winner
One time for O.G’s dem real cats only
One time for the verse, its, factsOnly

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  • Mutherfucker u jux tellin story of ur life…total rubbish.

    Youngwhizz September 26, 2013 10:11 pm

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