Lyrics: Matthew Sam – Sunmo Mi

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titles=Matthew Sam-Sumomi]

Everybody everybody let’s go
Main boyz smocking skunk
For corner o
Ladies etighe and azonto o


With you thats where I wanna be
Baby girl,its you and me forever

I no send even if I collect igbati

Baby girl,its you and me forever

(Baby baby sunmomi kajorjo)
(Sunmomii o(kajorjo)
(Sunmomi kajorjo o o)

Verse 1:
I’ve never met a girl like dis b4

Shawdy you are my queen for sure

I’m so deeply in love—–


My body dey do me one kind

Baby you are my antidot

You dey sweet me for belle-

And if you give me your heart

Am gonna take a vow

Here and now

I love you I love you

With my body and soul

I no go let you go

Its you and me forever more—


No more koro koro love
For back of trailer
My girl
My levels don change
(2x then back to chorus)

Verse 2:
You looking like a butterfly

Girl I can’t deny

You dey take me high—-

(You captivate me)

The feeling I dey feel inside

Na true girl no be lie

I wanna make you my wife—

Are you ready are you ready
Let’s go o!

Main boyz smoking skunk
For corner o!

Ladies etighe and azonto o
Dj’s spinning spinning

But I don’t give a Dam

Its you and me tonight

I’ll make you my wife ye e’

(Baby come and dance)
(Etighe for me)
(Slow wine etighe for me)
(You know I like etighe me 2x)

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