Lyrics: Maxx Dream – Trials Made Me Man ft. Branzzy

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Submitted by Maxx Dream


Hello dear friend you have to make a life
you need to do something to wake from this strife
put up your bones and elivate your time
no wheels no starings but we have to make it drive

Sometimes it might looks cool, sometimes it might looks sad, even when you leaving well haters wanna make you mad, never tryna stop till you get enough, never tryna stop till you get enough, tha trials made me man, (trials made me man) trials made me man (trials made me man) (2x)

Verse 1 -Maxx Dream
This the right time we have to make it happen
Keep the pot boiling, and let the grief soften
Life is made of challenges you get it Even often
Never on dark colours cus we made to be brighten
No love shown to those who aint gat it
If you not doing big Fella you will have no pali
Thinking you’ve lose, when you getting close dont play with your glory
Craft a great spot dat will not be forgotten in an hurry
Those two hands of yours,you have to make it active
Even if you haven’t still need to be creative
put ya self on the line and aim lucrative
da globe is engulf with obstacles don’t let it be relative cus


Verse 2- Branzzy
and this life is gonna be true
i try to overcome buh haters still rules
have seen different faces
buh some of them are risky
and mehn i cant take this
in so many cases
but i will try to make my dreams true
and i would mind if am gonna be fooled
and dats the life we are living
we gonna make it right dont worry ehh ehh

Bridge – Maxx Dream
They say the future lies on the generation
and determined mind brings you to you destination
STORM BEFORE CALM abraham lincoln
Maxx Dream and Branzzy superb motivators


VERSE 3- Maxx Dream
They are worst things than dying, so i gat my focus mainly glued on the papers
On the steps cus am climbing, You need to watch how you hold the ladders
Freaking, wishing about an good life, buh it seems we alone are the makers
Criticism have made me bold, i should call them professional haters
Throw the five fingers you watching my blows
Alert the banks am making some notes
already on one why you think you cant be close
This is to all my niggs running this shit like butt
take the bull by the horn thats part of living
Going the extra miles buh i still gat my past quaking
E GA BU IHE ANA SHO keep on baking
A NA MA BIA yea no faking
I do believe, To make a beautiful life, you really need no make up
feel like a bricklayer cus you only bound to build up
like its the game of what there will all come for check-up
never stop the grind till you gat it all blend up

revolution music, 02beatz,branzzy,call me MAXX DREAM, destiny are always wise always wise
(till music fade)

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  • Nice song, I keep playing whenever am sad or frustrated.. Lolz, Buh keep it up Maxx Dream. WE EXPECTING MORE

    Anthonia June 7, 2013 1:51 pm
  • My sincerest regards for sharing this very good web-site.

    ηλεκτρονικο τσιγαρο August 18, 2013 10:04 pm

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