Lyrics: McSkill Tha Preacha – Ego [J.Cole Cover]

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Long live the idols/
May they never be our rivals/
Kool Herc was like Jesus, Bambaataa wrote the bible/
What you bout to hear is a tale of Ego we see/
KRS, ma mentor let the story begin/

I was chilling in ma hood about 8 o clock/

When i heard the legend Nasty Nas he did a song/

I googled d link downloaded right there so/

I found out the nigga spit a verse for J.Cole/

First off, i was so happy to see Hip Hop alive/

But i was sad cos Nigerian Hip Hop is the type/

The type that kills the kulture/

The type that Ego rules, arrogance over greener pastures/

Legends look down on us/

While we stay hyping these cats, push it to the limit so they can notice us/

I speak truth and damn the consequences/

Im a real emcee not a dumb ass mercenary/

We tryna make it but they dont allow it/

We show respect to who deserves respect but they call it famzing/

When u was coming up we niggaz showed u love/

Aint nothing more legendary than pulling niggaz up/

Thats giving back to society/

Helping a dope artiste come up in your own way is originality/

They keep saying how they real/

But i see em as the fake ones if they aint seeing the skill/

In the upcomings, F your Ego, thats a short coming/

F your arrogance son, there’ll be no second coming/

Without the ego no doubt we would be great again/

I’ve done ma little part so its left for u veterans/

Word to the upcoming artistes who say they wanna blow/

But keep taking sides in beefs, u gotta let it go/

They keep posting crap on twitter/

Tryna look good instead of pushing your music out the way you should/

The end is near, so kill that ego/

Meditate on ma words now and see yourself grow/

Never disrespect an architect of this art/

Never lose focus, banish arrogance from your sight/

This damn Ego let us down/

Damn! Its so clear to me that this damn Ego Let us down/

Truth man! Aint gotta preach for u to see that this damn ego let us down/

Long live the idols/
May they never be our rivals/
Eedris was like Jesus, Trybes Men wrote the bible/
What you just heard is a tale of Ego we see/
In the industry, thats how the story ends/

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