Lyrics: McSkill Tha Preacha – Free Throws

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Welcome to the free throws EP/

Hip-Hop, I paint a perfect picture like Da Vinci/

I’m a different kind of specie/

Ma rap techniques is distinct, y’all acting sissy/

Claiming u da best, but who da best/

Who da king today? Who’s the most consistent?/

Definitely not you son/

Your (w)raps all about weed but we aint getting high on that son/

Oh yes! I’ll keep teaching/

When it comes to the gospel I’ll keep preaching/

Fo’real I said it couple times I’m not the best/

But my recent success u can’t digest/

Who’s in the news today I ask ya?/

Modenine? Vector? MCskill ThaPreacha?/


Stormatique hol up, hol up, we gon save the rest for the EP, Track two baby, lets go!

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