Lyrics: McSkill Tha Preacha – Icing On The Cake

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Been a minute ya heard from me
‘Cos I got nothing to prove now cousin, I say it publicly
Got tired of the gimmicks, internet buzz
Now I’m getting respect in real life bruv
Been busy building up an empire
I moved on from been human to supernatural
Flow deepening
These niggas say they heading for the grammys, I see their flow weakening
Catch your sub, I don’t care
Tryna diss me on a record? I see you coughing (coffin), die there
Its never been about punchlines and metaphors
Never been about hard bars or the leather ones
Always been about cash, dollar dollar
Nobody cares if you upcoming, they just wanna wanna
Get the money and render the services
So pay these niggas off, never wait for fake promises
That’s the truth, nothing but the truth
When you pay niggas you can shoot ’em in the foot
If they ain’t doing what they supposed to do
So let the cash do the talking, never ever act a fool

Props to all the rappers that did this before me
But this the icing on the cake, ya all bore me
I get better with age
Ya niggas kiss asses thinking you masters but you nothing but slaves
I’m ready for the politics now
Ready to pay y’all faggots, ride on my dick now
I know the tricks now, rappers getting shot down
They got skills and shit but no cash down
These niggas act all tough man, they all clowns
But when I credit their accounts man, they all smile
Cash rules everything around me
They visualize that shit and they surround me
So pay your way through
Upcoming artiste, your Talent’s never enough nigga so make moves
That’s an advice I never got
Forget the favors, just get the cash bruh

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