Lyrics: McSkill Tha Preacha & Magic Man – Mcs Act Like They Don’t Know

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titles=MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know] [VERSE ONE – MAGIC MAN]

Ready or not, nigga here I come

MC’s act like they don’t know where I from

I’ma keep my mouth shut so u can hear my gun

*gun shot* your life’s done oh yea

Dadadade dadadadadade

The name is Magic Man and this is what I have to say

I come from a city where we show no pity

Rob niggas for their BB, and we take from the needy

Common son, forget the jokes and puns

Me and rap go together like bulls and horns

And I write for the oppressed and the hopeless ones

And for that hungry kid whose clothes are torn

I got a rare gift and I’ma spread the energy

But sometimes the world makes u question ur sanity

So duck low when these bullets fly lie air planes

They aiming for ur head just to splatter ur brain

It’s a long road to freedom, and am ready to travel

No matter the distance, I put my whole strength in this battle

People wanna hear news about me being sad

I give them news about how their curiosity makes me glad

I’m a raw type o’ MC, u probably never know. .

And If u don’t know by now then you’ll probably never grow

I come to rock a show with intent to kill it

Cos that’s the way to bring it live so the crowd can feel it

One time, and we don’t stop

To the beat y’all, and we don’t stop

Right, right, and we don’t stop

Cos M, M-MC’s act like they don’t know.


MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know (with scratches) x4


I’m going in with the mindstate of a pro

I got the techniques man that’s why I rock the show

I move the crowd, minister to child

But when u think you can battle me son, that’s when I go wild

I spit knowledge, MC’s know I’m really dope

You can’t get enough of me like u sniffing coke

I be schoolin’ all this lil’ ones faking

They gat no respect plus no education

Tryna take a look at ma lyrical style, its golden age

Yeah u wack, so get out ma friggin’ face

I am the MC, barz are never empty

I put you in a garbage bag when you tempt me

MC’s act like they don’t know

Yeah, they can’t go show for show, toe to toe, blow for blow

Preacha man on the mic

Stormatique on the console, Hip-Hop is alive

But these rappers wanna infect with wackness

They claim to be MC’s … Nonsense

I smash him, you and you

I’m not a gangstarr, but u can tell imma GURU


Yo! Am back, y’all need to fall flat like u heard the gun clap

Always come equipped and bomb tracks

No doubt, I bring back the freshness to rap

That party rocking flavour you lame niggas lack

Always talking ’bout them bitches u never slept with it

You’re not from the street cos truly u never repped it

Stop tryna act like u had it on lock down

You just another failed project about to get shut down

Me am in this rough town living like it’s all smooth

I know the rules, never scared when them cats shoot

Been here forever, I came from the grass-root

I even get a cut from every cash that them cats loot


U better recognize , I gat mad skillz

You a fake cat , you more like Garfield

I bring magic u thought I was merlin

I got shadowless kicks up from shaolin

Hip-Hop is an art form

Where self-creativity makes u number one

I’m in ma prime, ma time is now

Like neon I shine, I bring light to ur inner town


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