Lyrics: McSkill Tha Preacha & Magic Man – Ready For War

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titles=Ready For War [Produced By Teck-Zilla]] [VERSE ONE – MCSKILL THA PREACHA]

Like yeast I grow, I got ill flows

Lived up to tha hype, a one man show

Uh! always ready for war, ready to rumble

My Buddah palm in ur face, Kung-Fu

You can’t beat this, you can’t fight this

Can’t dissect this, my techniques is frightening

Word! Spittin’ banana clip barz I never miss

I’m from the spiritual realm where cowards don’t exist

Physically murda Gees, they call it manslaughter

Bring beef I chew it up like hamburger

I spill blood in this arena

Its a warzone, not a playground for chica et cocaina

Ma skills legendary

These wack rappers aint going no where cos I’m sending em to a cemetary

So get off me, u aint ready for war

With metaphysical weapons fam, I keep it raw


Get the fuck out my spot boy, we not related

You tryna battle me with a style that i created

Your shit is outdated, ur colour is getting faded

I can see the real u, ur whole life’s fabricated

I stay evergreen like star beer

Rappers tryna diss me on they tracks, but their bars are not clear

They rapping outside cos they know that am not there

Get over here, and I’ma smack ur head on this black chair

Bring your A game, I’ll come unprepared

And I’ma still spit longer than bob marely’s dread

You getting fed by the germs that i spread

Digest the poison, and son, you gon’ be dead

Don’t be scared, I got the antidote to bring you back

And that’s listening to 80 bars of my surgical rap

Show evidence to prove that am dilated than rakaa

Knock u out with sneak attacks like kris parker


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