Lyrics: McSkill Tha Preacha – Raw

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Verse 1

Yeah they point fingers at me calling me the bad guy

Cos i’m too ill, too real, no sci-fi

I gat the style of a millie emcees

I see fear in their eyes when they hating on me

Its tha Lyrical superior dropping dope materials

Pushing this game like weight till i get bigger

Oh you complaining cos i preach so much?

Cos i teach so much? Cos i defeat too much?

You say knowledge would never bring me money and fame

But watch this! And see how i run this game

Whenever i kick my rhyme its beyond time

I speak to the future me and its just fine

Word! I meditate, study, pray … my philosophy

One of the reasons they cant match my consistency

I re-create myself, yes!

I dont wanna be the best, i just wanna be the greatest


Shalla la la i suggest you keep hating

Shalla la la but it wont bring you nothing

Its gonna push me to the top no debating

And in the end suicide you contemplating

Verse Two

Its the metaphysical, individual

When i be on the mic i’m oratorical

Me keeping it hardcore, historical

YOU Hip Hop? I aint never heard of you

I’m underground like styles P

Spitting it raw like Big Daddy Kane on this MIC

With the intelligence of KRS-One i’m gifted

Spit real rhymes that get you lifted

Word! I’m growing faster than supersonic

If you demonic ma words deliver you in seconds sonny

Had to show some lyrical skill before getting back to the matter

A big shout to the critics , they make me better

The critic is not the hater, the hater is not the critic

You dont need a phd to know this

Ok teacha, how am i gonna know a hater

Yo son, gotta go… just hola me on twitter

Verse Three

Had to put up this third verse

To call you wack rappers out anywhere you at in the universe

I stay controversial

I’m more of an MC to take wack rappers out without rehearsal

That 94 lyrical style i gat that

I’m getting props from rappers that i respected

I take you back to the boom boom era

I bring that raw Hip Hop sound you should better

Shut your mouth, nigga aint joking

Heard your joint nigga you was choking

On your own record, i know you scared as fcuk

Bring it to cypher, never rely on luck

Geddit? I know you didnt

I flow for those with higher consciousness every season

MCskill is Raw, nigga its smackdown

I’m taking y’all to war if you dont back down

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