Lyrics: MCskill Tha Preacha – Song Idem ft. Tha Suspect

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Okay, make i just drop few bars
No be bout chics or bout cars
No be bout jews, it aint bout money
No hard bars, understand dummy?
Raaa! Imma kip it simple
This beat damn fresh, no pimple
This kinda bars appeal to my people
Cos When i go hard, they call me evil
So i just switch styles on this one
Showing my versatility, its a gift son
YOU gotta think about one thing that i aint done
Underground, mainstream, sorry, commercial?
Haha, I’m better than you fam
A suspect in the murder case of this jam
Damn! I’m guilty
FYI Nigga, your fake accent don’t fool me

Feeling me like your new kaks
That line basic, yeah pure crap
I gat 10 cars and 10 houses
These rappers talkin but they aint gat it
We dey jam una for bus-stops and BRT
No be sin, just take it easy
I aint gonna stress it, I ain’t gonna emcee
On this track, i wreck it
Mo le she ni yoruba, ede gesi
Mo le she ni spanish papa, ede messi
Those stupid ass lines, they be selling
So i spit this to be bank-able, check (cheque) me
And i flow better than the next G
Song idem! These new cats they envy
And big props to Tha Suspekt
Dropping this dope ass jam on the internet

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