Lyrics: MCskill Tha Preacha – Who Da Best

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Who da best? Nobody! That used to be in the 90’s
Who da best today? I’the say its everybody
Every rapper is the best man
I’m the only emcee who never claims to be the best man
Why? Cos im not human
I’m a supernatural, wanna be the greatest… So you can keep yo title
The yung 6ix is the best?
No problem, im only shocked y’all see it as disrespect
He be laughing watching all of ya
While you making diss tracks for the nigga to make him popular
I don’t even understand guyz
This game is so fcuked up, only diss tracks get all the buzz
Modo dropped an album, y’all ignored it
But when it comes to beef, y’all support it
Fcuk y’all! I don’t even care this year
We need conscious rappers to top the charts this year
You the reason hip hop is dying
I’m talking to the so-called fans who keep trying
To pull rappers down
Posting nasty comment on twitter and nairaland you fcukin clowns
All you rappers need to wake up and save hip hop
Wanna be rappers, stop doing pop
Start rapping and stop tweeting
You da best… You the king, aiight! Just stop bitching

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