Lyrics: McSkill Tha Preacher – The Message 2013

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My skills off the top, I get better/

I’m not the type of MC that talks about sex and cheddar/

I bring history to you A.B philosopher/

Only the karid entities gonna get that/

Ma lifestyle is hip-hop, that’s why I grow/

With this type of sound u aint gotta shake yo booty yo/

Just bop your head crew/

And watch me bring magic man like one half of the nutty 2/

Battles? Don’t ever bother/

2013, I bring peace and love in no particular order/

I’m resurrecting Hip-Hop for real/

I’m like superman Clark Kent the Man of steel/

Ma rhymes equal actual life… REAL/

I’m never ever gonna stop saying how I feel/

So do you, do your pop shit sonny/

And stop criticizing hip-hop its not funny/

On a second thought, u can criticize/

We gonna get better then we multiply/

Cos daytime, nightime, anytime/

When I rhyme you can see I’m gonna shine/

Its ma prime, its ma time, its not a crime/

To spit dope lines/

And being famous is a matter of time/

It ain’t all bout doing pop/

These kids don’t understand that’s why they flip flop/

When there shit drop, they all show shocked/

I can see it/

There style is weakening, hell yeah! I can feel it/

I see em all as a joke/

They chose to do pop but they still broke/

Now I invoke/

The spirit of the gods and kings to give you hope/

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