Lyrics: MCskill ThaPreacha – Beware

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Tha preacha returns/

Ya niggas gotta run, when you tryna be all disrespectful, you gonna crash
and burn/

My skills too hot for the industry/

So they put me on another level, cos they cant match this chemistry/

I’m from the city/

Where niggas get smacked in the face for staring too much son that shit
aint pretty/

Still undefeated, never been underestimated/

Test my patience, then bang! I slam you on the pavement/

Supernatural, i never sleep.. I’m always ready/

They seen my records and they know that they shouldn’t dare me/

But this not a rap battle/

Its the master emcee bout to pass a message on with his good virtue/

Sorry ’bout the intro i know you was scared already/

I’m bout to water this down and teach, you wont forget me/

So peace to man, woman and child/

Perfection of this art depends on how you use your mind/

The atomic structure of this rap/

Is what I’m gonna break into molecular so u can overstand/

But to overstand, you gotta be at peace/

With your mind, body and soul…word! Its all complete/

I’m on my preservation mission/

Cats be killing Hip Hop on a daily and you a victim/

Its bout time we fight, its not illegal/

We beat em up, hang em up, shoot em up, we against these people/

Without unity, how we gon do it?/

Rappers cant even squash the beef over stupid reasons/

But i wanna be known as a great/

So i let my skills speak for itself, i don’t care if they hate/

They never rated me but they respect me/

They rate corny rappers who also respects me/

Now that’s double respect/

I’m still all about peace but these other cats, they bout foolishness/

They feed bad music to the masses ofcourse/

I’m anti-bad music, I’m not anti-pop/

And these so called rappers they all funny/

They all doing rnb and wanna be on a rap list cousin/

Haha, well its all good/

Diary of a supernatural, the album its coming soon/

I speak truth, the last of a dying breed/

The master emcee, beware! I do this in my sleep/

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