Lyrics: Mega2Biz – Let’s Drink

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Now they called me on my mobile
they said it’s 9p.m so i get on my mobile yeaaaaah!
am feeling so good i can’t lie
am wishing everyday would be a fridaaaay(friday)

all my friends,saying yeaaaaaah!
everybody,saying yeaaah!
pop champagne,or rosaaaay
i cannot afford to miss out this good day
it’s a beautiful daaaaaaay,yeaaaaaah
my friends celebrating
it’s a beautiful daaaaaay(day),yeaaaaah
i heard them saying

Let’s drink,let’s drink aw hawwwwwwww
let’s pop this drink aw hawwwwwww
i have got enough freaks aw hawwwwwww
tranna make you dance suo

let’s drink,let’s drink aw hawwww
let’s pop this drink aw hawwwww
i have got enough freaks aw hawwww
popping,popping dance suo

They see me dance suo this time around
they wanna do with me next time am around
some wanna got me spending my pound
then all i wanna do is see you dancing around
with some bottles in my hand
i’ll take slow whine this time
i don’t mind what is the time
i’ll do like it’s my very last time




The club it’s on fire
D.J take me higher
my body is shaking like am touching a barbed wire
can never get tired
this is my desire
all the boys an girls now,now they holla x2



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  • wow lyrics.great job !

    Nwa March 17, 2013 1:16 pm
  • first verse,second line is ‘am feeling so good i can’t lie…correct the ‘can;t’..pls… keep doing the good job..God bless you the more

    mega July 10, 2013 1:41 am

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