Lyrics: Mezzy ‘Elixir’ Mettle – Yungshitz

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I gatz to talk
I gotta tell what I feel
I gotta talk about my life as I see it

No church in the wild nigga
But all the same I’ll let you say your last prayers before I murder your ass nigga
It’s yungshitz
King of the shout

I bin dey habour this diss this diss na ship
I bin dey wait make you jonze make you feel my tip
A tip of the iceberg the rest is deep
The rest is deep nigga I mean it’s best you sleep
King of the south you mean T I gee?
Who be this boy wey dey form T I P
This track go shack you with just an S I P
I’m resurrecting you just to say R I P
You beef cyrus you diss cyrus
You aint his mama sister why be anti (aunty) virus
Doll baby face fit for circus
I’mma fuck your system up trojan horse
You say you six eh when do you turn seven
You getting to twenty-five and still rap like you eleven
Plus you claim you so tight (sow tithe) I’ll ask your reverend
If this is being cream I’ll stay vaseline
Oleku dope mehn plenty money come show
You say follow me ogbeni where you carry us go
International shey Onome Onokokwomo
Never made it rain heavy,you dey dull storm
Fresh boy swag hehe no doubt
You the girlie man soon you go begin pout
Since you begin make hair you getting drier (get in dryer)
After song of solomon you need your eyes higher (Isaiah)
You said it’s quarter to six fifteen minutes tops
Up till now we waiting for your album
Your album need charter nigga before e drop?
With your avis I could make an album
You said it’s six o’clock AM or PM?
No even drop shit we no be water cistern
Oh my gosh six you price big time
Clock so big but I sell time prime
I’mma leave you fucked then give postinor too (two)
Coz I no dey feel (fill) you no longer you fool (full)
If you no like my line biko change fuse
Still no want cheer (chair) you can fucking have stool
Some go say I dey hate on your highness
If you go picking things omor na madness
I swear you dey soup now edikan ikang
Coz you got more diss (mortis) plus rigour
This aint about the chill this aint about the fame
This things are outta artery they in vein (in vain)
All I’m tryna say on twitter keep it real
No dey form for niggas wen get the pain (pen)
Coz they won’t feel (fill) you they’d rather tear you
They rep (rape) you on the streets and (na) them follow blow you


Green wack green

Eh yeah terwi El terwifik
Six don drop mixtape album at all
Oh oh oh him never drop
Oh oh singles ah
My guy’s been a bachelor for so long
So when’s he gon get married to the game na
Eh you know shit men
I just had to deal with shit
I-I’m playing around ok
I can hear the beats going
Men I-I’ll just get back
Ok bring it back

My lips on life’s tit yeah I know I suck
You cannot work abreast with me you better tripple up
All my guirellas awake plus my apes up
While I bust your feelings emotions hands up
This days rap’s a fucking jamboree
The haters get the spree the realers you don’t see
But I’m putting an end to ’em apparent glee
Coz rap is the waters and right now I’m at sea
I’m a damn pirate I’m here to hijack
So all you fucking pussies give up your decks
Bet y’all never see me coming coz I off jerk jerk off
Whatever hope you got that blank cheque
Show me those cunts coz now I wanna fuck
You cannot walk a breast with me you better find yours
The mic’s a milf and I fucked her
Wanna do a sixty-nine with her fuck ya
I’m drinking bloody juice
I’m never calling truce
It’s my golden goose
It’s my murder tool
It laying golden eggs
It dropping hating heads
It bringing so many plaques
Fuck dental checks
Back to the beef boy niggas wanting more
They say I serve well no tennis bro
And I’ll be spitting this shit till the day I drop
Until your head correct me I no go stop

Yungshitz yungshitz yungshitz yeah
King of the shout you too dey noise make
Yungshitz yungshitz yungshitz yeah
King of the shout you too dey noise make

It’s not like anything frankly six alright you know
You know this dude got an opportunity most hustlers on the street aint got
And I feel he should be real with it you know
Aint tryna lay him back or something you know
If I’m tryna lay him back I’m I gon fuck him or something
He aint got a pussy men he aint no bitch tho
But mark my words no clattenburg
If he doesn’t cover his ass on the mic he’s gonna get fucked and truly I don’t want that
I just had to turn a plumb so I set a brothers head straight
That’s all
That’s all no oga at the top

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  • Mezzymettle keeping it real! Dis niggah is gud! Keep it up bro.

    trice October 16, 2013 7:29 am
  • The Lyrics make brain

    Victoria March 21, 2018 3:12 am

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