Lyrics: MG – Bad Boi (Freestyle) ft. Jazzkid

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Na five years i dey
when i start to toast babe,
certified bad boi
so beter better behave
na uselu i for escape,
enter street
then start to record with tape

5 years later
i don go hook up with gang
kolobi babes for bush
begin to dey bang
skul 6ix years
na only exam we come class
but when result show
we nor dey carry last

na co-operation
dey make rice dey full pot bros
we no dey thief
but when we show tins begin lox
dem shock
begin catch cold like who dey stay jos
live ebola patient
you no fit near us

person wey buy for credit
nor dey ask for change
you no get wheel barrow
but you dey boast of range
dog wey one lost
nor dey hear e owner whistle
me and jazzkid fly pass withes
when dey isto

dem nor dey tel ldeaf man
say war don start
you cover your head
den open your private part
cover your yansh jare
magical flows
i be wizzy we nor sing jaiye

wetin concern
bicycle andfilling stateion
bad boys

we dey hid tools 4 police station
i don break record
this idiot dey break bottle\
you 4get say we two
come from same ghetto

i get before ny bros
nor be property
na my area be this
nor dey for gba gbati
how tortoise
wan take catchup with akachi
i dagger 5 sisters one room
ask ogbeche

dem nor dey put hand
for pocket take climb ladder
you dey claim bad
can’t you see am badder
the other dey claim hard
can’t you see am harder
you dey claim bros 4 street
ehile i be are FADA

pikin wey tie him papa rapper
take dey for guy
when breeze blow
e go carry he and theh wrapper fly
no ask me how ow why
try am
i go use my tools take reply

road wey thief pass
when he robb finish
na d same road dem go follow
go catch the thief
na who nor get money
dey day small stout bitter
am a star bros
can’t you see i glitter

EDO-BOY confam
i nor dey carry talk
even buhari
nor fit replace my goodluck
all the wack rappers
dey mistake rap and talk
claiming they have doe
when dem dey run kpor-kpor
bad boi
but am far from being diddy
4 rap na town
i be confirm indigin
fuck wings
me and jazzkid fly pass pidgeon
some underate me\
cosi dey burst with pigin

lion wey follow goat waka
must surely chop grass
them say life na skul
so i dey my own class
them say make fish raise
hand 4 pot -cray fish dey jin
you 4get say
rubber and iron no fit joil

prick dey boast..
tot sef dey boast too
but when dem enter bed
dem MG
na you know whoyou be?
claim fly
i go spray you like obibi

someo go complain now
say my flow too long
but na the way you strong
nai fight take dey come
but i gat stop now
make blagbonz handle mic
theni go tackle tyson
dagger am with spike

i nor be good boy i be bad boy
nor reason am say i dey the street dey bore well
draw money anyhow like water from well
i dey since 3 years when i start to dey pack
dem dey there dey talk me na papers i dey stack
dem say i too rude na getho blood
4get chalk bros na we dey on board
Gboys bore tight *hiss*
troway football
me and MG na we dey run the hood
rappers dey *H*
my lyrics to dem na food
OMO-AFILE coming the second
am abouth to blow like who dey sell bomb
use my prick scather your babe
like jazz-band
na me be the boss
forget rick ross
like soap make dem take dey baff
my guy get lost……(LUX)

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