Lyrics: MG – Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Freestyle)

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I came first. you aint
qualify to be the last
feeling like a bomb
1 2 3 am gonna blast
my flowz are news itself
its about to cast
dey keep frowing on me
like em niggers puting on a mask.

molenugba check it out
i get mouth
make this rappers march
like the effing 3rd month
disconnect a dude
like a changed number
i be like achmed
ama suicide bomber

i wed the next day (wednesday)
like am about to thursday
hitting too fast
niggers asking for the replay
i gave em IV
roman figure four
eff your girl all night
see her figure don dey fall

i gat my nike on the pitch
lemme ball
i gat the keys to the flowz
yall niggers dull (door)
m to the gee
i go by the nick
am far from from being ill
test me am already sick

i burn em down
turn em skeleton to black bones
give em rappers warning
like yung6ix and blaqbonez
shoutout to gidi
thats ma fellow nigger
am wizzy like khalifa
black and yellow nigger

am too greedy bro
i dont give a fuck
eff with me i
wish you president GOODLUCK
when i spit
dey never broke to pay attention
your girl pesting for long
i give her her tension

and am a big star dawg
you’re a mini star
i mean like a pastor nigger
you’re a minister
i stay strong
like a space decoder
am sorta like nails
i stick nollywood together.

rap is the shit
ive got a running stomach
i rather starve till i kpuff
than rather whack
you saw the farmer
i saw seed (succed)
flow unique
last of my effing breed

one man soilder
i did it all by myself
eff with me like fragrance
i will make you kpeff
too much beef
i get miataken for olero
eat you up like wizzy
yea me am so raw

no pen but all i
do is right
feeling like basket mouth
cuz i shine bright yo
tell tontolet
that i go poko
i go like kpum kpum
eh call it boko

i come around
the blind could see the king
i spit around
the deaf revealed i heard the king
give me a space
like a satelight dish
coal blooded rappers nigger
call em spitter fish

i beat the beat up
like jay d
and that shoddy gat me high
like may d
niggers dread my swag
i need more dread
i mean like lady morgana
i need mordred

them say i no well
i dey borehole
i flow deep liike ocean
yall shallow
burst anyhow
like blow blow untop grass
i came like yung6ix
and percy FIRST CLASS

some hate (8) me
like the number after seven
higher than the sky nigger
i should be heaven
when i spit they fill me
like malpratice form
i aint gat no ink nigger
no need to form

i trigger rappers
taking shotz like a photographer
pen on my hand
your girl am about to autograp her
cuz she likes me
like a facebook status
so far gone
rapper wish dey could restart us

no vector
am a venomous viper
phenomenous am ecotrait
with my cypher
i slayed one
like a bird wheres the nest (nxt)
no hands up
emcees call MG the best.

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