Lyrics: MG, Jazzkid – Stacking Paperz

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it’s your boy
check em out
it’s your boy MG
ressurection shit
yoh!! we really stacking papers
so i gat something to let ya’ll niggars know about the boy

Am stacking papers…………(4x) normal voice

am stackign papers…………(4) giant voice

put your lighters up
and let your hating down
cause me ma nigga gidi
yeah. we shutting down
cause we really stacking papers……)
hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (2x)

now i wonder why
you’re hating on the guy
cause me ma nigga gidi
yeah. we shutting down
cause we really stacking papers……)
hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (2x)

it’s jasskid and am stacking papers
am stacking papers
murderfuckers stacking nonscence
and if you mess with me,
i go tear you like paper
and with the biggerst boss
you can’t mess with us now

This game is like 1,2,3
me ma nigga MG,GJ we win like wrestling
we kill murderfuckers everyday
we’re getting paid…………………brah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Murderfucker say na them be the best
we just dey look them
rappers be like cloth
if them mess with me,
me i go wash them…………….


Omo Afile

it’s M to the Gee
me up on this
hot to the core ya’ll rappers can’t diss
came with a bang and i hit with the flow
ya’ll murderfuckers know we’re abouth to blow
i gat more heads more than a neck
play ya’ll murderfucking rappers like a deck
back to the bone and the game like a zone
guess what Mg is next to the throne

meant to blow me like a bomb
some said am wack
ya’ll niggaz just dumb
rule the streets just like a line
kill em rappers even when they combine
tell me the fact and i’ll tell you what it is
me not jerry but stacking my cheese
jeez!!!!! oh!
rappers want to know how come
me so iller than bliss, (ill Bliss)
Gidi tell em rappers am bad
go against the boy ama make you go sad
go with the flow and i go with the flood
if you fuck much more i might spill your blood

M to the Gee am so endorsed with my crew G-Boiz
am so enforced,
slay for the doe aint talking blood money
aint started yet homie
just still testing money…..(testimony)

MG V2:
Bad man swag bad man flow
Bad man fofo with a bad man bullet
beast in the east and i feast when i get ya’ll rappers missed
so much shit the boy tongue needs a pamper
just slay ten need more of ya’ll rappers
came with a brawl slay em all proper
the boy is on feet yet flyer than a chopper

M to the Gee rappers claiming they are raw
not knowing in the game jude is over-all.(overall)
check my steez up in the apex
niggars came late but i came with the latest
i am the book ya’ll niggarz just verses
period like this i go bloody like menses
smoke weed never but higher than a hill
sipping rappers from the pack like a pill

M to the Gee yoh!! that’s me
no don niggars still wana come jazz me.(Don Jazzy)
come(cum) with the flow
i eff no Dick the boi isn’t ill
No am sick!!!
Crush Badman like my molars
To a rice.
CBN shit Homie u can’t pay dat price (Pryse)
Fuck Dat Kanji
I don’t Give a Dam
Ya’ll rappers too dull
Wen I grab I slam

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