Lyrics: MG – The Throne ft GJ

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it’s m to the Gee
a.k.a no wack flow,
you can tell them an a star
with the way that i glow
five fingers closed yess!!!
you call it a big blow
put our hands on my biz
and you getting a weak-low

ion need a compass
am getting direction
from my God
i go hard like a dick in erection
i go hard all tru ma-self
no collaboration
schooling ya’ll rappers
ion need an institution

fuck ya’ll rappers
ion need a dick yoh!!
pedalling my moves
up and down like a bicycle,
am dah illest-am dah smattest
i ain’t taking no shot’s
i just hope ya’ll niggars hear this

i can for the throne
am abouth to snatch now,
still siting ryt there
time for you to go now,
disobey i gat ma gun
am abouth to shoot now,
me done with the first verse
buh not living the booth now

omo -afile
rap God wey dey sick
when am tru wh you bros
dem go find your bones pick,
flows strong like bread
wey hamattan beat for 10 days,
all these rappers too week(2 week)
like say them be 14 days

i no need penthouse
for me to runtown
rappers be like fake bettery
small thing dem don run down,
emi-king- i don come
now better bow down,
be4 i slit you throat
make your blood rush like pump now,

rappers they claim the shit
buh na me be the yash
music no be your calling
bros may be na flash,
when i spit
rappers dey sweat like who do kpo-kpo
i dey eat them up
to me-ddis rappers be like eko

i sit down for ma throne with fofo
dem dey fashy,
mo fresh gon
see your babe say i dey flashy
i dey ball steady anyhow
like priemiership
if rap na babe
2-4 na steady yanshing.

ya’ll rappers can’t deliever
ya’ll marcopolo here!!!
am the boss
ion need julius awgu
just to crack your rib,
eff with me,
slugs on your head- ama make your bleed

dem dey form mind
see as dem dey carry chest
vex squeeze these rappers anyhow
like say dem be breast

we don turn topic
see as dem dey gossip us
cause dem ball steady anyhow
like BLOCUS,

am feed up
time for me to defficate
meat for the throne and
time for ya’ll to coronate
your flows got me pissed dawg
you don’t need to urinate,
no reverse
gear 5-1 accelerate

na me be the book
rappers be like verses
to me dem dey useless
like torch-light with no mouth-piece
guy i no fit carry last
bros e too heavy
horror flow
when spitdem say my tongue devilish

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Hip-Hop/RnB artist, a venomous rapper and a soulful singer who goes by name MG.

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