Lyrics: Mic Daviz – Cover Me Up

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Verse 1:
What I see sure you cant see
What I know sure you don’t know
Them go play you like monkey
That’s ’cause they know say you don’t know
Who be the thief
Who be the police
Na me be the man wey turn hunter
Na you wan dey play me like novice
You think say me na ajebutter
Though am taking it slowly
Take off my cloths am lonely

Can you cover me up now 4x

Verse 2
They said too many lies
i’ve come to realize
I need to stand upright
No need to hide
Give me a fight
Some are strong to hold on tight
Some are weak they end their lives
Am going deeper
Am not a seeker
Am just a teacher
Am not a preacher

Can you cover me up now 4x

Its true that am lonely
Open your harms and hold me
i know my heart is waiting
Can you cover me up now
Cover me up now…

Can you cover me up now 4x

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