Lyrics: Monie E – DoReMi

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Hm hmm
Ha haaa
Na me be Monie E
According to the Ladies
Otyno on the beat..
{ona na na na na na}
ha a.

She wanti doremi 4rm me eee
doremi eeee {4x}.

She wanti doremi
Ah geti doremi
She wanti doremi
Oya sexy make we culumbi…{2x}

Verse 1

Ah to luvi Naija galz wey lik the doremi stori e e
{doremi stori e ee}
Anytym i come around
She go give me the something
{she must to collect the something}.
Onor o.
Ma UY galz una to luv to doremi.
Ma Port Harcourt galz i the believe una stori.
Ma Lasgidi galz
If i hear say una holy.
{if i hear}
Ma Calabar galz.
Na una the chop the money.

{Repeat Chorus}

Verse 2
Eyen Calabar…Calabar
She to luvi doremi.
Eyen Uyo…Uyo.
Oya make we columbi.
Behind every successful man the must be a woman.
Every Handsome guy geti babie.
Babie who goes you??
Carry your body come here.
{bring the body}
Who goes you?
Bring your body come here eh eh.
{koz na me be Monie Ee}

{Repeat Chorus}

Verse 3
I know that you want it.
I know that you like it
One…two burgle your shoe.
This time around we go dance with our shoes on..{2x}.
Eyen Calabar…Calabar.
She to luvi doremi.
Eyen Uyo…Uyo.
Oya make we columbi.

{Repeat Chorus}

she wanti doremi.
I go giv you the doremi.
YOU must to chop the doremi..
Monie E.
According to the Ladies.
PenZ on the miX.
Oh nor nor nor nor doremi doremi

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