Lyrics: Mr. Hood – Stones At The Glass House

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I ain’t talking about a beer
But you know that I’m a star
Yeah I’m a star-Boy, you know
I ain’t wiz – kidding
Say I ain’t the best,
bro who Are you deceiving?
If you denge/pose like a fish
Around here
I’ll take away your skales
Lyrical maradona boy they know
Me with the skills like I’m jjc
Really do you get it? Mr. Skillz JJC
Known for the skills
Number 10 Jay Jay see

Nat Geo wild Boy
Yeah I’m phenomenon
Take away the Venom
From the mouth of the viper
Before I Lock you down
With the bars YSG
Better think twice,
young Boy before you test me
Better know the weight of the ball
Before you chest it
Come at me wrong, Nigha
I go make you chop sticks(chopstix)
I grip boys make your career
To end here(Endia)
Don’t you ever (Eva) judge me
If you aint Alordiah

Talk that trash and you get
A bottle cut, real deep Chris Breezy
Act like a bitch get beating like Ri Ri
Dayumn!! get beating like Ri Ri
They don’t want problems
Walk inner the room, they all
Screaming out na we – we
Light up the blunt
Nigha pass Me the wee – wee
My nigha pass me the wee – wee
Before these Nighaz hate (8)
I jump to the Nine, that’s coz
I Flip – Modes like I am Busta rhymes
Undisputed champ, they ask
Who am I ( M.I )?
Word up Jude Abaga
Shout out to them Nighaz
Always rapping bout swagga
Me I want the cash
any currency you get boy
I’m talking with my mallam
Aboki na koi where’s  z money(Zamani)?

Now every body pointing
me out to Ice Prince
Punch line god Hood
My flows make time freeze
Like an Ice fish
lyrical soldier, you know I Earned
The stripes men
Hood boy ill I ain’t trying
to get healthy (Eldee) shout out
to the tribes men
I gat a nine cocked,
still waiting for them haters
to make a false move and
get blown like Boston
undergroud god I be chilling
like Hades

Riding to the top inside
The new Oga bus while
I’m trying to make a call
to Ill Bliss (Oga Boss)
I’m looking for the cash
E no dey for oga purse
Shey everybody here dey
See the thing oga curse?
that’s the reason why we
no dey trust igbo boys
and that’s the reason why
We no dey look Uche face
you can’t talk to the god’s
With only one face
and that’s why a dibia ( Idibia )
Must get 2face, like Innocent

I kill em with the bars
Boy I ain’t Innocent I’m not 2face
I’m crazy with the words
I make good music like Young Hov
I meant Big Sean
the Big Sean Carter not Lil wayne
she calling me baby I’m
fly like a Bird-man
Nighaz say they’re dope
Until I pull up with the weed mayne
fresh out from kwale
Boy I run my city from Igbogene to Swali

South – Side nigha boy
you know I’m still coasting
this is like a letter, with no envelope
could that be the reason
most bloggers ain’t posting
I don’t even know but
shit really hurts men
Pray to get a deal soon
hope you said Amen
A Nigha don’t like me?
Then he must be gay men

Telling me to slow down
like wizkid and the R2Bees did
Nigha you’re joking
I ain’t even got a deal yet
What you talking

I want the money fat
Like the breast of Mercy Johnson
Heir to the throne like I Married
Mercy Johnson
everybody like dayumn
enough of Mercy Johnson
But I no go gree until I say it one last time
Na they beefing me like
Tonto and Mercy Johnson

Men I stay real most
nighaz Still acting
Tell them make them stop
them say them no go gree
But I know Nolly would (Nollywood)
I ain’t gat feathers
still Hood boy fly
All these hating folks,
them dey Pray I go Die
I laugh at the joke, don’t you know
The comedian they call I go dye
Show no fear I’ma fight till Its over
Never run away, I’m not
A Dem mama soldier
I only state facts
I don’t beat around the bush
Coz I aint Egberi papa you Dig?

And I’m gone…

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