Lyrics: Mystic – Thoughts And Questions

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Intro Voice;
The Political Truth of My Nation Nigeria
Died with sir Fela Kuti, and I’d Love to use this little medium to say Rest in Peace Sir Fela Kuti

A couple of questions in my Head
Voices in my Head
Talking good, Bad you’ll never Hear
Bloodshed, Niggas Dead
In search of em Daily Bread
I read that the world is supposed to Be blue and Green, Buh the Blood and the Grey skies makes me call it grey and Red instead
Instead of sitting,
I’m up in the queue with these Niggas Tryna Move ahead, Cos Love was never regular here, Love come once in a while like a leap year.
Buh a nigga still Breathing
Hope was never Dead,
mamah ran out of Advices,
cos she thought we was lust for our Vices, ask for help, they giving Advices,
preachers preach they don’t even practice, say they real, they don’t even act this
Practice what I preach and
Can’t stand and listen to some preachers preaching,
Teaching, while I’m Wishing,
Hoping for better days
And if you put in more effort Today would be Better than Yesterday
And Today is the same future we wondered bout yesterday
What happened to My Generation?
Doctors study to save life’s yet they committing Abortions
Politics now like an inherited land instead of Building a foundation they’re fighting for their portions and
I didn’t see no change bout the Police buh them Uniform,
but they have the Good, the Bad and dirty cops on the same Uniform.
Let’s put our heads together and Build what we stand for..our mother land
That’s d lil piece of my thoughts and questions

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