Lyrics: Nadine – It’s Gonna Be Better

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A pain here, a hurt there
When the sky is turning grey
I see the tears dropping down slowly
You can’t hide it no more
You fought so hard, you fought so well
But there’s only so much one can do
Now you’re here, all alone
An empty house, an empty home
And it feels all hope is lost
But the battle isn’t done

The time is now, so take a chance
Lift your head up, wipe the tears off
Make the best use of what you have
It’s gonna be better!
Life’s too short to live your life on
One decision that’ll make you sad
Get up on your feet and dance
It’s gonna be better!

Get up on your feet and dance
It’s gonna be–

Right where you are (Right where you are),
I know it’s hard (I know, I know)
And you don’t know where to start
But I see through the tears in your eyes and I know
That the smile on your face is just waiting to show
Now you’re here, all alone
But it’s okay, they’re coming home
So when it feels all hope is lost
Just remember to hold on

(Repeat CHORUS) x2

Better than this, better than this
Ha ha, it’s Tribe Nation baby

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