Lyrics: Nollege Wizdumb – New Rulerz

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titles=Nollege Wizdumb – New Rulerz]

Ah, omo…
Bí’she ò bá pé’ni, enìkan ò kí ń pé’shé o

7:35 in the morning
Èyin boys e jé’a bère ishé now, no dulling
You guys are still sleeping?
These ones are still yawning
Ah, è’tí wà use to this “early morning running”
Ok, look
A ní láti bère transportation
Before we enter field, before we reach out destination
A ní láti stop at about 3 different locations
So e ní láti pa oorun yen móra bí ení lo lotion
E sáré múra without causing any commotion
Here is the agenda, ishé ti dé with description
Ibí lati ma mo position wa at each location
Boots is on
Camouflage on
Black Smith & Wesson on the hip stays on
Then he kissed the necklace that he always puts on
And in a jiffy they’re gone
2 hours later they got to their first location
Won ti’è bère any form of identification
Dem open up gate
Wón kàn wo’lé straight
Dem treat them with reverence as if they were magistrate
Uuggh…wow…this is a nice place
Everything is made in Italy this guy get taste (yeah, this guy get taste)
Dem deliver the letter the guy bring briefcase
On to the next location where’s the interstate
I-95 as TomTom navigates
So they rolled one up so it can take their sense away
Ojú ti padé gbogbo wón ń wo bii Bruce Lee
When they sparked up the blunt it sparked up a conversation
Gbogbo wón ń ro’nú “what if we end up in a station?”
“Life is a risk”, the driver softly mentioned
A statement that suddenly got everybody’s attention
The gentleman softly proceeds
“(See) This we living come with no guarantee
Guy, this bitch comes with no warranty
No age limit as to who can become deceased”
Story getting long, let me quickly draw the conclusion:
Second location
Same situation
Gave a letter and a briefcase was out compensation
Got to the third (third)
Same thing occurred (‘curred)
To final destination where the puzzles will be solved
The letters that were served
We’re orders from the gods
They want war, selfishness, and greed up off the earth
Love and peace are now the rulers of the world…
The rulers of the world…(hums)
The rulers of the world…
And then he woke up…
What a sweet dream
It was a sweet dream
It was a very very sweet dream

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